This is how Microsoft reacted to Sony’s PS5 announcement and price hike

Microsoft internal emails show Xbox executives reacting to the strengths and weaknesses of the PS5 tech specs and Sony’s price hike announcement.

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Community74d ago
purple10174d ago

Hilarious that they say there not interested in competing with Sony, steam and Amazon / Apple are their real competitors.

Next thing they are heavily analyzing sony's moves and making plans accordingly.

So to the media they say one thing then do the exact opposite. We've been here before lads.

northpaws74d ago

They don't want to compete with them, they just want to buy them all.

Profchaos74d ago

Nah they want to force Sony into a publisher only status and buy Nintendo so there's no more competition

TheCaptainKuchiki74d ago

Xbox fans keep repeating this and it's cringe.
Right now the ONLY thing keeping MS from dominating the gaming space is Sony (after their own incompetence).
So for them to say that, it's only a way to deflect from their failure to compete with Sony for over 20 years now.

yeahokwhatever73d ago

microsoft making shitty games is whats standing in their way. always has been.

WelkinCole73d ago

MS and Phil in particualr has been full of shit. Nothing new

When the xbox 360 was winning the first year they would constantly brag about it.

yeahokwhatever73d ago

Microsoft doesnt have an innovative bone in its body. its basically an american company's version of china.

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-Foxtrot74d ago

“ Spencer wants the company to remain gamer-focused with any price increases. Ami Silverman, who at the time was head of Microsoft’s consumer sales and marketing, responds with “all good points, let’s be gamer obsessed here as we have not gotten out of the woods... we know this could be our time to win fans vs lose being a follower.”

You know, I knew that Spencers “for the gamers” talk was all PR bullshit and yet…I’m still surprised by this

Just PR talk to lure gamers in

Pedantic9174d ago

Can't the same be said for all video game companies and/or companies with video games as one of it's main pillars ?

Ultimately, it's about making money. No one is in this for free, praise from gamers and consumers hardly matter if you're not selling and they're not buying.

-Foxtrot74d ago

The thing is out of the big 3 Phil is the one who tries to sell this image the most and is so over the top with it

He says one thing, contradicts himself a few months later

The gamer image is exactly why MS chose him after Don, literally, he was the only one who didn’t LOOK like a suit on the surface and that’s why he ramps up that “I’m just like you guys” image to try and lure people in with his promises

The others don’t do that, I mean Jim Ryan is an arsehole but he doesn’t go on like Spencer does he, Jim knows what he is.

Aussiesummer74d ago

These are huge billion dollar companies, not your friend.

-Foxtrot74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Yes but idiots still believe it thus the whole “good guy Phil” praise

Markusb3374d ago

phil spencer is the worst thing to happen to gaming and consolidation will kill all inovation and creativity, look at rare, look at halo, look at how many people say you can create what you want when your bought out

mjchitown74d ago

you a xbox hater from the start. no surprise here. you never called out Jim Ryan for the bs he does

fr0sty74d ago

Please show us where Jim Ryan conspired to buy out the entire industry in order to put their competition out of business... I'll wait.

-Foxtrot74d ago


You’re joking right? I do call out Jim Ryan, he’s an asshole

You just choose what you want to see because calling someone a fanboy is better than actually debating them

I call both sides fairly as I can, I even get called negative over it but I don’t give a shit because being “negative” aka a realist these days is better than being a loyal lap dog.

mjchitown74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

fr0sty go to bed kid, you need help

fr0sty74d ago

I knew you wouldn't be able to... so all you could do is that pathetic attempt at attacking me instead.

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Godmars29074d ago

Gamer or no, everything the man says is PR.

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rlow174d ago

How the hell are you all tweaked by this? Do you honestly believe in what these companies promote? It’s called competition and that never goes away. So you better know as much as possible about your competitors. Naive to think anything else.

RGB74d ago

And their hubris has massively backfired. Xbox Series is in a worse position now sales-wise than the disastrous launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has made owning an Xbox console utterly irrelevant.

Profchaos74d ago

Yeah they want to appeal to everyone and in order to appeal to everyone you often appeal to no one