35 Chop till you drop screen shots and fact sheet has received 35 new screenshots of Chop Till You Drop for the Wii.

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Product4199d ago

im sorry but with so many other better wii exclusives that are not ports coming out soon i dont see many people buying this title.Capcom really i can see all the resident evil ports(there is alot of re fans) but why this game?and why all the hype for it on the wii?

SuicidalTendencies4199d ago

Damn this game looks horrible compared to the 360 version. Unless you only own a Wii why even buy this crappy version? The game is incredibly cheap for the 360 now.

ChickeyCantor4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Well why re-buy the game RE:4 if you already played it on the GCN or PS2. It's basically the controls. They did say it uses Re4 kinda gameplay so it could still be fun.

But i shouldn't have bothered since the GFX are the answer to everything for you guys =(

ChickeyCantor4198d ago

Well, if it turns out to be a decent game anyway, people who missed it should get it.