Demeo Battles Spinoff Brings the Fight to Quest & PCVR Soon

Resolution Games has announced that its Demeo PvP spinoff Demeo Battles is coming to Meta Quest and PCVR soon.

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The Xbox Series S xScreen is now a 'Developed For Xbox' product, celebrates with a $40 discount

There may not be an Xbox handheld, but the xScreen can make your Series S a little more portable.

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darthv721d 5h ago

I have this screen... its excellent. I hope they make one in black for the new SS.

anast5h ago

It looks like a cool all-in-one set up.

anast5h ago

It's good that Xbox is showing a major commitment to their main console. Now everyone knows exactly what to expect for the rest of the gen.

OptimusDK5h ago

Lol what are you all about - what is your message?

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raWfodog4h ago

From what I understand, this wasn’t developed by Xbox but rather developed ‘for’ Xbox by a third party. It seems like a cool option for Series S owners.

Trilithon1h ago

1080p 60Hz screen should only cost about 30$

Charlieboy33344m ago

This screen has been designed for the series s from beginning. Saying it's 'developed for xbox' now does .....what exactly....besides state the obvious?

Knightofelemia23m ago

Still doesn't make me want to shell out money for a system that lacks a disc drive and is essentially an XB1X on steroids.


PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Game Pass brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to Meta Quest VR headsets this December

Meta has announced that the Game Pass service will allow Meta Quest VR headset users to play Xbox Cloud Gaming games within their headsets this December.

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RaidensRising1d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

Could you kinda already do that via the in built browser?

ken28131d 13h ago

This is not what we wanted when we asked for Xbox VR.

mkis0071d 13h ago

Sounds like a terrible way to play vr games. Any lag is too much

Cockney9h ago

I'd agree but I'm not sure gamepass has any vr titles

UltimateOwnage1d 1h ago

🥱🥱🥱 cloud streaming is so bleh. But whatever, more GaaS options I won’t touch.