Helldivers 2 May Have Timed its Release Date Poorly

Helldivers 2 has plenty to offer new players and returning fans alike, but its release date puts it up against one of gaming’s biggest properties.

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S2Killinit3d ago

Helldivers 2 has its own fanbase and will be able to go shoulder and shoulder with the biggest franchises. Looking forward to both games though. So I do see that that month is going to be… frantic, no pun intended.

Eonjay2d ago

Also FF7 Rebirth is not launching on PC in February. The 3 months PS exclusively mean Hell Divers 2 has quite a wide window on PC. Plus there is 3 weeks between the 2 titles on PS5.

DarkZane3d ago

Article says it's releasing 1 week before FF7 Rebirth. It's actually 3 weeks.

CrimsonWing692d ago

Game journalism, where their audience has to tell them the correct information…

DeusFever2d ago

FF7 Rebirth players and Helldivers players don’t overlap much in a Venn diagram.

Armyofdarkness3d ago

Getting this 100%! Game looks really cool!

Vengeance11383d ago

Are we to assume that the majority of Helldiver players will also be FF Rebirth players? People don't buy more than 1 game / month? There's always something big to some degree coming out every month, FF will not phase Helldivers.

Storm232d ago

Totally. I have a much higher chance of playing Helldivers 2 than I am FF7 Rebirth. I have never been interested as a FF game.

monkey6023d ago

I'll go with Helldivers over FF. I'll pick up FF eventually but I'm I'm no rush. Still haven't played FF16 anyway

repsahj2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'll go with FF first then Helldivers after. But if I have the budget, I will get both right away.

monkey6022d ago

I have 2 friends who will be all over Helldivers so the incentive is there for me to jump on early. I also think it looks great despite the isometric view being changed. I loved the first game

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Helldivers 2 launches February 8, 2024

Pre-orders for Standard and Super Citizen Editions begin on September 22, 2023 – first details.

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LG_Fox_Brazil6d ago

I am really looking forward to this one, I love the first game

logg6d ago

Reminds me of Lost Planet 2.

shadowT6d ago

Looks amazing! Like a game based on the first Starship Troopers movie.


Helldivers 2 ESBR Rating & Summary Revealed; Mentions Remaining Bodies After Death & Dismemberment

The official Helldivers 2 ESRB rating and summary has been released and it mentions how players can kill civilians in rescue missions and more.

neomahi51d ago

Someone isn't proof reading. I swear, you had one job, man, aren't you educated in Journalism? Do they not teach PROOF READING anymore? When I went to school, you wrote your paper, then you passed it to the kid sitting on your left, then the kid sitting on your right, then the kid sitting behind you. You then fixed your paper and then turned it in to the teacher. You have a college degree, dude, and you're a total moron


New Helldivers 2 gameplay details emerge for PS5, has odd gun that needs multiple people to fire it

Third-person shooter Helldivers 2 is all about teamwork, which is essential for this addition to the game's weapons, as it needs multiple players to fire it.

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75d ago
S2Killinit75d ago

If they capture the magic of the first game with these new graphics! Man, it is going to be sweet

Magatsuhi75d ago

The assisted reload weapons are some of the most powerful in the game which is why you need someone to carry the ammunition. Otherwise it would simply be too powerful.

ClayRules201275d ago

One addition to your loadout might be this absolutely bonkers weapon known as the AC-8 Autocannon. You won’t be able to just get away with firing away to your heart’s content with this one. Instead, you’ll be relying on your friends to help get it in gear, as it features “a teammate-assisted reload to keep battles even more chaotic.” We can already predict quite a few squads calling it an early night for failing to reload it on-time. However, a friendly debate, shall we say, is all part of the fun of playing the best PS5 FPS games.“

Well, that sounds like fun😅 who wants to help me get it the AC-8 Autocannon in gear? Lol

Chevalier75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I'll help! Just need to learn to play and not drag down the team first coach! Lol

ClayRules201275d ago

Awesome! And no worries about dragging down the team! I mean, our other teammates might be annoyed (but from my own experience) live, learn, adapt to everyone’s strengths weaknesses and get better from that, well, damn, nothing in the game will be able to stop us. Well, maybe that friendly fire…but that’s another story lol.

I believe you’ll do just fine once you learn how to play, Solider👍🏼

Chevalier75d ago

Shoot me a DM and I'll seriously jump in and join your posse!