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Review - If Skies of Arcadia or Wind Waker were your jam, then Black Skylands should be the next game you explore.

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Duel in the skies with Black Skylands on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Black Skylands from tinyBuild is on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC, now as a full release.

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DarXyde47d ago

Never heard of this game, but it looks fun.

Oddly enough, it makes me wish for a new Hotline Miami and Dark Cloud game.


Black Skylands Review — The Gamer's Lounge

It’s really dangerous to like any game a lot in early access, as a game will change a great deal before it gets to that fabled 1.0. Things will shift, parts of the game someone thought would be a big part turn out to be less consequential, or that thing that felt really inconsequential ends up becoming a big part of how players engage with the game. But Black Skylands is good, very good, and has the potential to be properly huge as it builds. It’s a gorgeous balancing act, managing a sense of adventure with a dark storyline involving war, a high-flying airship combat-and-exploration game with a top-down action-adventure, and the sheer amount of freedom and stuff to do is mindblowing.

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10 of the Best Lovecraftian Games on Steam

If you're ready to stare into the face of the unknown, and you're looking for games you can play in the dark, you'll want to take a look at ten of the best Lovecraftian games on Steam. From RPGs to management sims to dungeon crawlers, you can find Lovecraft-inspired games in almost any genre.

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MadLad791d ago

Lovecraft may have been a terrible person, but he created, and inspired, some amazing work; and influenced so many horror creators of modern day.

Remove the artist from the art, as is said.