Go go Gadget legs - It's time for Inspector Gadget - MAD Time Party

Inspector Gadget - MAD Time Party is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch, as we head to Metro City and attempt to save the world.

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Xbox fans convinced a publisher to port an Inspector Gadget game to their platform

Xbox fans have convinced a games publisher to include the console in its launch plans for an upcoming action game based on a mildly popular IP, meaning that you too can play Inspector Gadget - Mad Time Party on an Xbox platform when it releases.

potatoseal130d ago

Yeah I saw this. Good job gamers.

I wonder though if those same people will buy the game. Originally the dev didn't spend the money to make an Xbox version because they thought the demand just wasn't there on Xbox. Now from the uproar on social media, the dev decided to make an Xbox version.

In this instance, I think making an Xbox version will be to their benefit. I mean this was a bit like free advertisement. Plus, it's Inspector Gadget. People know Inspector Gadget. But then again, GamePass subscribers tend to not buy games. We know that. Interesting to know how this all plays out (pun not intended lol)

shinoff2183130d ago

It maybe the only time this works if it doesn't sell. That means other devs will see this and take note.

JEECE130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Usually it seems like when people on the internet demand a game and actually end up getting it, the reception when it comes it out is "it looks meh, not worth the price, so I'll maybe get it on sale or wait for PS Plus/Gamepass/sale."

Cockney130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It'll go to gamepass, there'll be a couple of weeks of high engagement numbers then it'll disappear.
This could be nothing more than pr, tell them what they want to hear then bail later.
Any other predictions out there?
Definitely not launching on xbox for sales, nobody is that brave

potatoseal130d ago

I actually don't think it'll go to gamepass. Otherwise it would have been paid for by MS and would already be coming out on gamepass and none of this would have happened.

Imalwaysright130d ago

GOAT theme song for an animated tv show.

Ninver130d ago

Definitely one of the goat cartoons

anast130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It will do okay for two seconds, but a new Inspector Gadget game made from actually creative devs would stay for awhile among the niche fan base.

Soulsborne130d ago

If its not on gameass itll flop.

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