CES 2009: Sony fires off PSN stats, MTV adds content to video service

Joystiq reports: "We here at Joystiq absolutely revel in statistics and can think of nothing better than smothering ourselves in warm, moist data. Did you know that approximately 54% of all posts written on our site contain frequently unnecessary statistics? And did you know that the only thing we like more than reporting on numbers is to make them up on the spot? Oh well. Here are some real ones, straight from Sony's CES 2009 keynote."

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ugabugaz4203d ago

* 17 million! The number of PlayStation Network accounts ... accounted for. 17 million is a really popular number for online networking, apparently.

* 330 million! Numbering the pieces of digital content that have been downloaded through PSN.

* 2 million! That's how many users the Life with PlayStation service has. An updated version will be coming this Spring.

* 2,000 hours! The answer to the question, "How much video content is MTV Networks adding to Sony's video delivery service?" The deal, which manifests in February, includes shows such as "MTV's The City, Comedy Central's Emmy and Peabody-Award winning South Park, Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants and VH1's Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels."

* 4! The number of bullet points which encapsulate all that information! This one doesn't count.

eagle214203d ago

Eat that MS. Sony just dropped a bomb on live.

Tarasque4203d ago

Yeah that is funny considering in actual stats would be half that. Considering i have 9 accounts on my ps3 and my friend has 11. And i know of alot of people having multiple accounts for japan,eroupe and such.

ambientFLIER4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Duuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......... . PSN is free. It's a no-brainer. Shouldn't 100% of ps3 owners be on?

Perkel4202d ago

Yeah that is funny considering in actual stats would be half that. Considering i have 9 accounts on my ps3 and my friend has 11. And i know of alot of people having multiple accounts for japan,eroupe and such.

All those are sub accounts theres only 1 main and there is only 1 activation per 1 console .

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Smokzdaizm4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Sony makes the BEST EVERYTHING, we don't need any other consoles because the PS3 will be here for the next 30 years, all they have to do is make games for it, we rule online gaming because PSN is free and you don't need to communicate because all I want to is play games by myself and don't need to hear anybody else. Sony won't need to release the PS4 until 2040 because nothing can touch the PS3 for the next 30 years. Plus the blu-ray drive in every PS3 is programmed to project holograms in 2020, and there will be tens of thousands of games by then just think about that... Watch out Apple we're coming for u next the PSP will dominate the Ipod/Ipohne by 2012.

GiantEnemyCrab4203d ago

Wow, tell me thats sarcasm?

lol, I will say it has the delusional tone that I'm sure many PS3 extremists will be able to easily relate too.

$ony and their number massaging.

rhood0224203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

If Sony "massages" their numbers...then what MS does to theirs probably is illegal in certain parts of the world.

BlackTar1874203d ago

Nice one smoke.

Crab the only thing I say to that is there are no other sources for this and are not comment on by anyone else. yes they probably are exaggerated but there has never been anything to show that in ref to this so your comment reak's of bias. Now we all know they all do it that=Business but you make it sound like you know last month a contradictary claim came thru that makes this inflatteded. I dont care I realy only cared to show some love to smoke for being funny but get off your hate train its really sad that you actually consider yourself a gamer and believe it.

Graphics Whore4203d ago

All companies exaggerate their numbers, especially Xbox 360, one day their 3 million apart from PS3 the next their 8 Million, yah okay. lol

Omega64203d ago

Crab, you just got owned.

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guiltyspark4203d ago

guessing by how many people downloaded home ( 3.1 million people )

the real number is probly somwhere around ..... 8-10 million

Lol , at least MS traces unique IP's to account creation

rhood0224203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )


Even with a free Silver account, MS can only account for 18 million LIVE members. Yet they claim 28 million consoles sold?


guiltyspark4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

The idea that nearly every ps3 that is out is connected to PSN is retarded.

The number is severely boosted by stat padders and people trying to download free content

Microsoft blocks most of the exclusive content by tracing your IP , thus they have the information to give out more accurate numbers then sony can.

Edited --Chill out on the language--

DaSaintFan4203d ago

See, I'll never understand this argument:

"Lol , at least MS traces unique IP's to account creation "

So MS does something and Sony wouldn't do the same? HUH????

jspc19894203d ago

please tell me that was all supposed to be sarcastic??

it is really cool the PSN has 17 million account now (although i personally know some people with 2 or even 3 accounts) - but all things considered Sony have done very well for themselves :-).

Before every Sony extremist starts bombing down on this article tho, I personally, don't think that it is something that can be thrown in Microsofts face, after all Microsoft have the same amount of users except theyre charging £40 per year - that must tell you something. I have used PSN a bit and i have to say i do really enjoy the service, but at this current moment in time at least, i would have to say that with my own experiences of the Live service, I prefer it over PSN. Somehow everything just seems more connected. When iv been on PSN it feels like your going to just to play some random person or hope someone u actually know is online, with Live, it almost seems like your just plugging into a whole other community.

In my opinion Live serves better as a community gaming tool. Thats not to say PSN isnt very good i just feel personally that live is better at the moment.

BlackTar1874203d ago

At better overall service no doubt now about the line of jumping in to games Im not sure i agree I cant stand some people on both systems but i have a friends list I can tell when my friends are on.

But generally you are correct I just ahte paying because when it expires its always at a dammit moment in my bank account. I still pay and will even If i go negative but yeah I agree but to the edxtremes i feel you went in a small way i dont.

Anyways good post.

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