Checking out the fast-paced action of The First Descendant | TheXboxHub

Preview - There is lots to be excited about with The First Descendant on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation and PC.

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The First Descendant Tier List - Best Characters Ranked

Equip yourself for survival with this in-depth The First Descendant tier list. Boost your game with the best characters for this meta.

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The First Descendant Beta Preload Now Live, Here's What You Need to Know

The First Descendant beta preload is now live, as the servers kick off tomorrow! Schedule, rewards, and more detailed right here.


The First Descendant PC Preview | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - The First Descendant is already showing a lot of promise with what’s on offer and its rich story, but it needs a lot more polish before it can be perfect. Overcomplicating what could be a great MMORPG might be what breaks it unless there’s some extra context added to clarify where needed, and no amount of epic storyboarding makes up for that.

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