$1 Million Goods Sold in PlayStation Home

Patrick Steen at Gamezine:

"Sony doesn't need to charge for its online services, PlayStation Home makes $1 million from in-game goods.

That's right, Sony's service hasn't been out for long, but it's already made Sony $1 million from the priced goods available.

T-Shirts, furniture and plants have all been enough to cause PlayStation 3 gamers to open their wallets. Intriguing that the "nickle and diming" tactic has already worked."

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shadowghost7524192d ago

That is a hell of a lot of money for HOME dlc, i hope it continues at this rate so the psn can stay free

The gaming GOD4192d ago

Also, I'm glad they are starting to add new stuff a bit faster now. I can only imagine what kind of Money sony and EA are going to make when that EA Home Sports Complex comes out.

Slowly Home is coming together despite whatever negative things people had to say. By the way, has anyone tried out that Red Bull thing yet?

Cajun Chicken4192d ago

I contributed with getting myself a full buisness suit and bowler.
Perfect for my British eccentricity when in Home.

Pennywise4192d ago

beauty of it is that all of this stuff was optional to buy and had no bearing on anyone's experience with HOME.

I dont care what they charge for as long as I have a choice to buy it. Once they start selling things that negatively affect me if I dont buy them, then it gets annoying.

The gaming GOD4192d ago

That's the one thing people need to keep in mind. Buying stuff is OPTIONAL. It's not forced on you and you aren't penalized for NOT buying stuff.

And yes I myself snagged a couple of things to make my HOME space look a little less bland

Milky Joe4192d ago

I don't see what people's problem is with this. If people are paying money for it then there is obviously an audience for it. I pretty big one if this $1,000,000 is anything to go by.

And heck, if it keeps PSN free, how can anyone complain???

ericnellie4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

They made a lot of money...and they made it fast.

ultimolu4192d ago

I hope so as well. I like the idea of PSN being free. Wouldn't want it any other way.

NegativeCreepWA4192d ago

I think the prices they ask for this stuff is outrageous I normally wouldn't complain about pricing, but I was shocked when I seen some of the prices. A $1.50 for a chair is robbery. And people complained about themes and gamer pics.

f7897904192d ago

If people are that crazy to pay those prices then I guess I will never see a price drop.

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duarteq4192d ago

For a Beta this is a lot of Money lol. And We, PS Users don't have to pay extra to go online or access some services

Baliw4192d ago

this coming:
'But our avatars clothes are free; so PSN sucks.'

Was it like $1 million in one month?

Killzonegamer834192d ago

The more money they make off home, the better they will make it.. I already contributed by buying a business suit and some other items, i forgot what they where hmmm strange, but yea i bought quite a few items on Home. Considering Home officially came out just a month ago and ALREADY made a million dollars is great! It probably didnt even cost sony a million dollars to make Home, its all software based so it probably cost next to nothing to make

ChilliDemon4192d ago

..."its all software based so it probably cost next to nothing to make."

Software development is far from cheap. Ask the NHS in Britain.

jidery4192d ago

Here is why its cheap.

They spend about a day making a chair for your homespace, they texture it, design it, etc. Then they sell it to you. now that chair took one day to make now you can make unlimited copys of that chair for free, and sell it to the public.

donator4192d ago

Yeah... it's true that they can probably design a chair and a t-shirt in mere hours, but you're neglecting the amount of money it took to invent the rest of the game, which is the entire game.

ChilliDemon4192d ago

Yeah, I agree it most likely takes next to no time at all to 'build' new passive objects to 'sell' within Home. And once made, each item can be sold over and over again with zero overhead.

However, the OP seemed to be referring to the development of Home itself, which will have taken a large amount of development time. Developing Home and the tools used to populate it is a very costly undertaking, whereas using these tools to make the things in it is probably much less so.

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HDgamer4192d ago

And people downplayed home wow.

resistance1004192d ago

Great news, with home making money, PSN will improve further and stay Free =D