Wardens Rising - Preview and Gameplay (Sector)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a combination of MOBA and Tower Defense?

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"Wardens Rising" Is Diablo Meet League of Legends, Announced for 2024, Trailer & Features Revealed

Warden Rising is an upcoming multiplayer base defense shooter that takes elements and inspiration from Diablo and League of Legends.

PunksOnN4G55d ago

Nothing like League Of diablo LOL game will be dead in its 1st month


Wardens Rising is a new multiplayer hero shooter - set for launch in 2024

You've probably not heard of Big Moxi Games, but it is they who are looking to hit the big time with the launch of a new multiplayer hero shooter in 2024. That game? Wardens Rising on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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4Sh0w54d ago

"Diablo meets Overwatch meets League of Legends"

-I will definitely check it this one out, plus it has multiplayer, with 4 player co-op, hopefully they execute it all well enough because it looks like it could be pretty good.