Opinion: Embracer Group Is A Grim Warning About Consolidation In Gaming

As Embracer Group crumbles before our eyes, it offers a stark warning to what consolidation in the gaming industry could lead to.

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Sonyslave372d ago

Dude just buy a xbox or pc and call it a day .

DaCajun72d ago

All the psycho fanboys arguing about MS and Sony while Tencent is gobbling up everything in its path. They already control social media in China for there government overlords. When will they start to try to force their world views, beliefs, and politics into all the game companies they have been buying out or major stock holders in, looking at you Epic Games.

anast71d ago

I like your screen name. The food, music, and culture is amazing from what little I have experienced.

Profchaos72d ago

Embracer group is a multiplat publisher

Crows9072d ago

Fanboys dont see past themselves. Its a big problem. Sony fans dont want playstation buying up random ass third party. Xbox fans who have forever claimed there was no problem are perfectly happy about Ms buying up random 3rd party devs...while unintentionally agreeing with all the issues xbox has had for years. Issues that they were dismissing for a very very long time.

So yeah. They cant see past themselves. They dont care if most of these 3rd party devs, like arkane, end up closing because of gamepass.

CrashMania71d ago

Way to completely miss the point.

Hypertension14071d ago (Edited 71d ago )


Yes that's exactly what Microsoft wants, they what to own enough studios until it becomes difficult to own a PlayStation as a primary console.
Anyone thinking about buying a console the first thought must be Xbox and everything else is second.
They what to change everyone's way of thinking.

I got ALL of that from reading your single sentence, was I on point?

71d ago
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ApocalypseShadow72d ago

Not a bad article but there were things there that were completely unnecessary like the PlayStation hack, PS3 being expensive to buy or the always online and Kinect of Xbox. These things have nothing to do with industry consolidation.

With Sony, you could have went with the purchase of Evolution Studios and their shutdown after not delivering with Drive Club. Article writer did mention Lion Head closing their doors but could have mentioned the huge publisher acquisitions of Zenimax Bethesda and Activision purchases. It was kind of spoken about to sure up game pass but could have expanded more on these and their effect on the industry and their competitors.

Problem with Embracer is that they haven't made any impact with their purchases. They bought Studios and IP but have done really nothing to show for it. Maybe it was to get profit down the line eventually on their acquisitions by being the owner in the background. But their spending just seemed wasteful.

We'll see what they'll do over time and if it was worth the acquisitions.

bababooiy72d ago

People seem to rarely consider the direction these studios were going in before these purchases. Most recent Bethesda titles were massive flops. How long do you think they couldve kept operating on such losses without considering massive layoffs? When it comes to Embracer, a number of the studios they purchased were basically dead in the water. Like Volitioon behind Saints Row who were on life support for almost a decade. With their last big budget title being Agents of Mayhem which did like 10k copies.

Often times for many of these studios getting bought out is another chance at rebuilding.

neutralgamer199271d ago

With the cost of game development rising so much it is only a matter of time before the small to medium size publishers are required by larger companies. one huge failure, code, sync, the whole ship. Microsoft threw the biggest punch rent it wired so much talent so don’t be surprised when there is a definite reaction to those acquisitions.

I have always said this and I will always say this. I am against game platforms buying of publishers there enough independent studios they could acquire they should never go after publishers and then make their games exclusives

FreeckyCake71d ago

They were a warning since last year when they began shutting down several studios left and right after acquiring the rights to Deus Ex and the Legacy of Kain series.

MrDead71d ago

This is why I don't want MS, Goggle, Amazon or Apple anywhere near gaming. At anytime these tax dodging mega companies can just take huge chucks of any industry they decide to enter away. Until we have consumer protections that are allowed to work outside of MS money hatting we will carry on losing more and more.

The more things owned by fewer and fewer companies the worse everything always gets.

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crazyCoconuts6h ago

"Stuart explains that Xbox's mission is to bring its first-party experiences and subscription services to every screen that can play a game.
That means smart TVs. That means mobile devices. That means what we would have thought as competitors in the past, like PlayStation and Nintendo."

phoenixwing5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Third party train has arrived in the station. Ready to depart console business when next gen happens.

Basically microsoft is ditching xbox asap and going all in with gamepass

keylean_del49m ago(Edited 48m ago)

MS becoming a third party publisher is all but a done deal at this point.

anast28m ago

Xbox games are going to get even shi#$%&.

Plague-Doctor2713m ago(Edited 5m ago)

"Success for us is we can keep growing that content and services revenue double-digits. [...]. If we can grow faster than the market is growing, we are taking share in the gaming market.

And that's where we want to be. It's a 250 billion dollar market. We are not 250 billion dollars."

Their goal is a monopoly


NCSoft shows new trailers for Project M and LLL

NCSoft unveiled new trailers for its upcoming games Project M and LLL at G-Star 2023 which show off new features.

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Mr_cheese14h ago

Not sure what to think, definitely looks interesting.

Plague-Doctor2712h ago

LLL is targeting a 2024 release for PC and console. Hard to tell but looks sort of like The Division? Hope we can hear more on it soon. Interested to see how these first few AA/AAA games from Korean devs go

Vengeance113811h ago

Easier just to say PC and PS5. Not coming to anything else.

Sonyslave311h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Before the deal it was announce for pc and consoles lol and this is a old trailer from last month.

Einhander197211h ago(Edited 11h ago)


If you watch the trailer you'll notice the on screen prompts are PlayStation button symbols. There is no indication this is coming to anything other than PlayStation at this point.

Vengeance11389h ago

Key word being "before", that was then, this is now. With the deal in place, count out other consoles, Sony's not going to publish games for other consoles.

repsahj7h ago

Looking great! But I don't know, let's wait and see.