Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update Rebuilds Its Gameplay To Make A Fantastic RPG - Gamespot

An all-new progression system with revamped perks, skill trees, and cyberware makes Cyberpunk 2077 worth revisiting, or jumping into for the first time.

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z2g13d ago

time for me to start a new game I think.

Psychonaut8513d ago

I played for like 5 hours at launch, then set it down, been waiting for this to essentially restart.

locomorales13d ago

I paid the equivalent of 6 dollars for the physical version of this game in my country. Time to give it a shot.

Crazyglues13d ago

This is amazing, Love to see a company come back hard and really put in the work to make their game good. Sure we all wish they would have launched better.

-But if your going to come back and make it right, this is how you do it. I was already enjoying the game because I was always playing on a PS5, it still had some problems but they were minor things... PS4 versions sound like they had a horror show.
-But I'm really excited to come back for the DLC and I love that they went back and improved the overall game. Really makes me want a CyberPunk 2, It would really do some crazy numbers...

I See CyberPunk more like a series, kind of like a TV show where we would have More episodes of different people in NightCity and their stories of how they tried to get out of NightCity and choices they had to make, and things they felt force to do. Like Idris Elba in the DLC, playing through his story in CyberPunk 2 would be Insane.

I mean the way they did Johnny a.k.a Keanu Reeves in part 1 is awesome, when you play as Johnny it's an amazing game experience, they really did an amazing job. The feel of his play through when he is shooting that bad A$$ gun is just Awesome. You really start to see what happened to him and why he is like that. That is CyberPunks secret sauce... They can keep making the next game if Story telling is going to be this good.

I want CyberPunk 2, I think that game would be insane, if this is how they are going to keep improving. Fun factor would be off the charts.. Excited to Play this...

neutralgamer199213d ago

Issue isn’t just the release on last generation consoles or reviews before release. It’s the fact CDPR tried to hide all that footage so they knew beforehand game wasn’t in playable state

We as gamers are tired of broken games at launch. If you don’t agree with that than you are a problem yourself

1nsomniac13d ago

That’s why we keep getting games release like this. Because gamers are so fickle. The majority don’t have a spine, look at fanboys for example.

StarkR3ality13d ago

CDPR got their due, a few of their upper management were basically forced out.

Yes a bad game released is a terrible thing, but working their asses off to improve it and actually make a really good game should be commended. Most Devs would have took the money and run.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

What in the world?

This game is better than 90% of the open-world RPGs out before and after it.

What makes it a turd, exactly?

Ashunderfire8613d ago

I guess you didn't play it during 2020 launch. Watch those old clips about the game back in 2020.

Crows9013d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It isnt one. Lots of people that tried to play it on last gen consoles had a predictably bad time. If you didnt play it on those consoles then, like me, you had a decent to great experience with the game.

Now this one was a game very fun to hate on simply because of the last gen versions and regardless of individual experience on it.
Reviews were glowing all the way until people realized last gen versions were unplayable.

I played it in 2020. Game was perfectly fine. I didnt play it on xbox one or ps4 though.

CrimsonWing6913d ago (Edited 13d ago )


I did. I played it on the Xbox Series X and enjoyed it.

I understand the last-gen versions were poor, but that wasn’t my experience and now it’s even better.

Crows9013d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This isnt starfield.
Game was perfectly fine on PC. Good story. Good combat. Average Skill tree. Very respectable side content.

The only and I mean only reason it got shat on so hard was because of last gen consoles and the poor optimization of current gen ones. The actual content in the game was praised.

That is not the definition of a turd.

Ashunderfire8613d ago

I had the game on PS5 back in 2020, and the game kept on freezing man! Every hour game freeze! Just because you didn't have a problem, doesn't mean everyone else didn't have a problem with the game on PS5 as well!

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

It looks like they actually did for once, amazingly.

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StarkR3ality13d ago

I didn't think it was a bad game on launch, just a deeply flawed one, similar to how I feel about Starfield currently funnily enough (although that's from game design not bugs).

I say well done CDPR, hopefully they take the lessons learned here into Witcher 4. Cyberpunk was a solid 7 for me at launch. It's among the best RPG's I've ever played after the updates.

Crows9013d ago

Solid 7 at launch but among the best after updates. So a 9?

For me it was a solid 4/5 at launch. I didnt experience the bugs many did. With these updates it will likely be a 5/5 for me.

Ashunderfire8613d ago

The game at launch was definitely incomplete man. The NPCs were all lifeless, and the lack of the police system working at all. Look at Angry Joe's review of this game back in 2020, and you can agree the game on a design level was incomplete!!! Plus the game kept on freezing on the PS5 version I was playing. I sent the game back for a refund 3 years ago, and never played it since. Now I got it new for $15 bucks waiting to open it for the 2.0 update.

StarkR3ality12d ago

Yeah but the story, characters, gunplay, side quests, the world. All were some top tier content. The problem was it was ruined by bugs and let's be honest, unreal expectations set by the Devs themselves.

Duke1913d ago

Even before this update, the game was a blast. People just love to hate on this site.

It looked awesome, ran well and was plenty of fun to play on PC

Ashunderfire8613d ago

Good I paid $15 dollars for the based game, and got an unopen copy. I am waiting for that 2.0 update, and then I will get Phantom Liberty! Glad I waited for this game to be better.

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