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NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - The First Descendant is already showing a lot of promise with what’s on offer and its rich story, but it needs a lot more polish before it can be perfect. Overcomplicating what could be a great MMORPG might be what breaks it unless there’s some extra context added to clarify where needed, and no amount of epic storyboarding makes up for that.

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The First Descendant Interview With Nexon - Entering the Looter Shooter Genre

The First Descendant Interview - Nexon Games talks about their upcoming looter shooter, what inspired them, boosters and more.

Servbot4129d ago

Game that will be dead within 6 months.


The First Descendant: Devs Undecided on Paid Boosters; UX Improvements for Farming Planned

Nexon Games is still unsure whether The First Descendant boosters will be part of the game. UX farming improvements planned.

EvertonFC31d ago

So they've decided then 🤣😂

Epicent3r124930d ago

Warframe has boosters. They work well. If FD does this I won't complain. I just don't want to see "insert weapon" for $29.99 on sale but there is no way to achieve it in the game


The First Descendant Will Have Character Specific Stories With Endings

In The First Descendant, each character not only has unique abilities, but they'll each have their own unique story and endings?