No Graphics Mode In Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Have Ray Tracing Turned Off

All graphic-centric modes of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will have ray tracing enabled, confirms the Director of Core Technology at Insomniac.

Jin_Sakai14d ago

Insomniac are wizards. They’re also a very efficient studio. Can’t wait for Spider-Man 2!

Aloymetal13d ago

Exactly! Now, imagine what they will be able to accomplish with Wolverine after all these experiences they've had with their recent amazing games and the PS5.

Eonjay13d ago

Considering how every game they release is an iterative improvement on their prior work, one can only imagine.

Stanjara12d ago

Imagine if you have a PS6

itsmebryan12d ago

Have the6 listed a PC release date yet?

SinisterMister13d ago

That's a powerful statement tbh. They seem to be super confident with what they've done. Overly hyped for this.

anast13d ago

Hello. I'm checking my bubbles.

jznrpg13d ago

The good ole days or bad ole days depending who you ask

CobraKai13d ago

They have a performance RT modes on their launch PS5 games. I have no doubt they can accomplish this

Psychonaut8513d ago

So glad to see a 40fps mode! Has become my preferred way to play in the games that have it, like Spider-Man and Ratchet. Noticeably smoother but without as many graphical compromises as 60FPS. Maybe in another 5 or 6 years when 120hz displays are the baseline 40 will be the new 30.

Fishy Fingers13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Dude if 40fps is still an acceptable norm in 5-6 years I'm going to be pissed.

Amplitude13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

40FPS honestly feels really good my dude. You just need a screen that supports it which are still super niche.
Imma get some thumbs down for this one but

@FishyFingers: On the current hardware, i promise going into UE5 territory, 30fps is still going to be the norm in 5-6 years and 60 or 40 modes will be a blessing - especially with the RT performance on these consoles and the extra dev cost associated with developing a mode without RT (manually placing probes for reflections, baking in light maps etc must be a nightmare). The PS5 Pro has already heavily been leaked and it seems extremely real so maybe you're the target market for that? I know i am lol i switched to PC cause I already had a 2080 Super for quite a while before the PS5 came out and once i got my launch one I was just confused why i was spending more on games to play an inferior version.

Probably gonna pick up another PS5 for Spiderman 2 but then i'll just sell it again. Did the same thing for Ratchet lmao I've been through 3 just for exclusives at this point. No regrets they've all been 100% worth the extra cost. Platinumed Ratchet <3

These consoles launched at a super inconvenient time and really and are amazing for the price, but aren't exactly mind-blowing on the tech side of things. Woulda been nice if they launched in 2022. It's only gonna get worse as the cross-gen period get's left behind too. I'm unbelievably hyped for PS5 Pro though lol i'll keep that one

Eonjay13d ago

It's called a choice. For graphic enthusiasts. I could see this many years as being the new quality preset in a world where 120 Hz 8K screens become a thing.

Fishy Fingers13d ago

I wont be on current hardware in 5-6 year amplitude, or at least I hope not or it wont be getting turned on. I havent played a PC game at sub 60fps in years and I expect to have new console hardware before then.

I concede with a VRR TV (which i have) 40fps is noticeably better than 30 but its still nothing to be happy about, certainly wouldnt consider it a "blessing".

gleepot13d ago

30fps is an acceptable norm, and has been for 30+ years

Crows9013d ago

30fps is still acceptable. Only diehard console players seem so awkwardly obsessed with going above 30fps.
The more demanding games are the harder it is for hardware to maintain high fps. As industry goes on and demand in games increase...fps will decrease unless more powerful hardware is introduced in order to bring it back up a bit.

Why is this so hard to grasp smh

Sephiroushin13d ago

On consoles it will be forever, they focus on graphics first so the newest consoles will be yes 30fps focused on graphics, some games with a performance mode.

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Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yeah. I love the mode. It’s a lot better image quality than 60fps but much smoother than 30 fps.