25% of Starfield Xbox players haven't even made it to space

Just over 25% of Xbox players that have started Starfield haven't made it into the inky black void of space, according to achievement data.

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Community74d ago
LordoftheCritics75d ago

The tracker site says 100% of the gamers got this achievement.

What am I missing?

Vits75d ago

Microsoft's own system shows a 75% completion rate for that achievement.

What I don't get is what exactly is the big deal about it. Those 25% are people who downloaded it but didn't play it, or who used a console command or a mod that disabled the achievements.

shinoff218374d ago

None of that 25 percent said naw this isn't for me?

Vits74d ago


Considering that you literally get to space and get that achievement in the first 25 minutes of the game. I would argue that people didn't really have the time to think "Well, no, this isn't for me". And those that did install it and played less than that didn't see any of the system the game has to offer short of mining and therefore I would classify them as "people who downloaded it but didn't play it".

Plague-Doctor2774d ago

20% of GoW Ragnarok players didnt beat the first fight with Thor.

46% of Horizon Forbidden West players didn't even actually make it into the Forbidden West (player count likely very elevated by this being a bundled game for awhile)

Achievement data is never a good indicator of the quality of a game. Fact is way too many people buy games and never play them

darthv7274d ago

i haven't gotten that achievement... then again i have not started it yet. It's installed on my SX and so is Lies of P. That is the one I really want to play and will get around to SF at some point.

KillBill74d ago

@vits. Obviously you have not played the game if you imagine the opening scene of Starfield only took 25 minutes to complete. lol

Mulando74d ago

well, my wife is one of them, as I accidentally started it with her controller instead of mine

Vits74d ago


Buddy, you don't need to take my word.

Go watch a walkthrough, 25 minutes is how long you take from getting control of your character to getting control of the first ship. Like, if you think you took longer than that you either went exploring on your own without the ship or your notion of time is just screwed.

MrNinosan74d ago

So out of the 6 million downloads, only 4,5 million has actually played it?

Vits74d ago


Something like that. A couple, particularly on PC, might have started the game with mods or used a console command and that disables the achievements as well. But the vast majority of "players" without this achievement should be folks who downloaded but did not play it for one reason or another.

GhostScholar73d ago

I was on the first planet for 10
Hours just because I was doing the survey tasks and messing around with outposts. I sort of used it to familiarize myself with all the systems. Having a blast with it. I’m not the least bit offended at people not liking it. Good news is if you don’t like it, there couldn’t be a better year to play something else. Can’t wait to see all the negative comments to a completely honest and positive comment.

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Christopher74d ago

True achievements only tracks those who have signed up, they're talking about what Xbox is showing.

Honestly, this seems pretty normal. A good number of people oftentimes buy, install, check it out, and then just never do anything for a long time if at all. I assume even moreso with Game Pass.

Vx_74d ago

They are stuck in the loading screen

MaximusPrime_75d ago

Probably explains why No Man's Sky suddenly have a huge rise in number of players. You can go into space, provided you fix the spacecraft, straight away. Usually an hour or less.

Workshyskiver74d ago

You get to space in Starfield far less than an hour, I'd guess closer to 15/20 mins tops.

anast74d ago

I think people heard that it takes 12 hours to start being fun and switched it off.

KillBill74d ago

Someone thinks he is speedrunning Starfield. lol

Workshyskiver74d ago

@Anast so you were playing it for Less than ten minutes before hearing this breaking news that It takes 12 hours so stopped playing and therefore never made it to space? Sure thing buddy.

shinoff218374d ago

Must be rushing. It took me way longer

MrNinosan74d ago

It doesn't take longer.
I read and talked to everyone, and had the ship in 25 minutes. What the hecl did you do?

1. Go through cave
2. Touch cool stuff
3. Create character
4. Get attacked my pirates
5. You have the ship

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anast74d ago

When Blizzard released Diablo 3, a ton of fans went to Path of Exile. The same thing is happening between Starfield and No Man's.

LordoftheCritics74d ago

''When Blizzard released Diablo 4, a ton of fans went to Path of Exile.''


VincentVanBro74d ago

No, not really. Good try though lol

autobotdan75d ago

In Space nobody can hear you scream

DefenderOfDoom274d ago

Just watched a video last night talking about the iconic cracked Alien Egg in the original Alien trailer featuring that line "in space no one can hear you scream".

execution1774d ago

Don't you have to go to space to explore the planet to get to a new cell

KillBill74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

No. I spent 10 hours in a single area of Jemison before I even started playing the missions. Same can be done of really most any location. Just keep scanning the horizon and find a new location pop up. Rinse and repeat until there is no more areas to find. then you can move on. I have yet to fully explore even a single grid. Even the 10hrs stint on Jemison had more areas in the distance I spotted and did not completely explore.

DeusFever74d ago

These kinds of numbers are no surprise to anyone who looks at achievement data. If you compare this Fallout 4 trophy data, you’ll similarly see more than 25% or more players that never reach level 5 or don’t finish the first main mission. Even a crowd pleaser like “Guardians of the Galaxy” will see more than 25% of players fail to complete the first missions.