Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Open Beta Announced

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Open Beta is set to kick off starting on October 6.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Stash House Season 2 Gameplay

Here is the new Stash House map from the Season 2 Update


Rejoice, Warzone Season 2 is set to resurrect Fortune’s Keep

Call of Duty content creators are already teasing the return of the beloved Fortune’s Keep map with the Warzone Season 2 update on PS5 and Xbox.

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Leaked new Call of Duty games 2024 until 2027 ring premium DLC alarm bells again

The leaked schedule of new Call of Duty games between 2024 up until 2027 has fans worried about 'premium DLC' again.

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purple10130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

This is the model now, sell your next game as dlc In disguise
They got away with it once, now it’s the way they’ll continue

darthv7229d ago

Perhaps (and this is a stretch)... the shakeup at XB was the result of them wanting to weed out the staff who are into this whole do the bare minimum and charge a premium for it. Which could mean the leak roadmap is no more and they will actually put some effort into the product before release.

wishful thinking i guess.

29d ago
Rynxie28d ago

Lol this is MS. If you honestly believe what you wrote, you're a fool.

MrBaskerville28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I don't think they fired management and the shareholders.

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just_looken29d ago

madden has never left top selling list's in the sports games they do not even change logos let alone bring new things into the game so yeah sports games prove we like overpriced repackaged turds. Then you got remakes of remakes of remakes being sold/getting awards and or old games coming back as hd of hd remasters getting awards.

Can not wait till we get hitman ps3 hd but is ps5 hd of hd 4k like they did with the mgs steam collection that sold well but runs worse that my ps3 copy.

XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

As always fans accept because there corporations do no wrong lol

Vengeance113830d ago

At this point the Xbox faithful is literally a Cult. They will accept what papa MS gives them and ask no questions.

Gabrielmpf29d ago

C'mon, that can literally be said about PlayStation. Fanboys are a cult, no matter who they defend. Having the three systems is the best of three worlds :D

Kiryu199229d ago

I somewhat agree with you but there aren’t many defending PlayStation executives like they do for Phil in Xbox side

But you are right fanboys aren’t good for gaming and their mindset overall isn’t healthy gaming community

oIMyersIo29d ago


@Kiyru, they defend anything PS related to the death or when it comes to that idiot Jim, they just compare him to Phil as the lesser of two evils as a way to justify his behaviour.

oIMyersIo29d ago

Is COD still multi platform or is it just me bewildered as to why this article instantly attracts comments somehow blaming this on Xbox fans when, as usual, PS is the highest selling platform for COD. 😂

Tacoboto29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PS fans spent nearly two years praising COD and its importance to the PS ecosystem, accusing MS of wanting to take even more games away from them.

They literally echoed the public talking points of Jim Ryan that he himself didn't even believe in the private emails that were revealed later on in the court proceedings.

-Foxtrot28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I don't think it's MS to be fair, it's just Call of Duty fans for years since it become super popular with Modern Warfare

High School was a nightmare to get through when it's what everyone talked about constantly.

MatrixxGT28d ago

I can only imagine. My high school was halo vs socom.

CDbiggen29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It's a shame, they were surprisingly generous with MW 2019. If you were to boot up today, update it of course, you can play offline with every map available and every weapon available. Not the case of course for older titles where it was premium DLC maps and guns. Me and my friends still do this over LAN with the bots, great time. It is possible to have a good call of duty experience, sometimes lol.

jjb198129d ago

I still go back and play Ghosts with bots. It's still so fun.

Profchaos29d ago

2019 was good in that way however I recall taking the disc to a friend's house for a throwback pizza and games night we couldn't play Deathmatch l9cally with it like you could with cod 4 and waw etc. only 1v1 which was odd I thought.

At that point we fired up ol reliable the n64

jjb198129d ago

Awesome. Just keep rerererererererererererererere remastering those "classic" maps for $70 a year with P2W blueprints and skins in the store.