Secrets of PS3 Exposed

Pa-Ho Lin thinks that he has found some secrets of the PS3. He says his page shows how the PS3 has the ability to use the full 1920x1080p on yellow dog linux using full screen mode. Also find out how to install VLC, so you can play PAL or NTSC DVD's on a Playstation3 without waiting for the european release of the PS3 for PAL support.

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Secrets of the PS3 exposed: it sucks

WTF4886d ago

Crap-stacular in every way.

BubblesDAVERAGE4886d ago

does this look like a 360 article...(if u guys gonna be a fanboy ill be the oppsite everytime)LOSERS

ANoobsJourney4885d ago

When hell freezes over! Halo 3 is the Sony killer!

Whoooop4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

People will eventually buy the PS3, they are just waiting for an excuse and a reason to buy it. Is all in the head, they just want to feel good about themselves for spending $600 dollars on a gaming machine/we don't give a sh*t we're gonna put it in there bluray, that they were thinking of buying anyway. They just don't want to tell friends, family, strangers etc. that they bought a gaming machine so expensive when the xbox is $200 cheaper. Half of this people don't have a clue of what a bluray is, so they will open there eyes and say.. WHAT? you paid $600 dollars for that just to play games?.. so this percent of people which is a big amount right now, will wait slowly for more games and more games, so they can feel good about explaining why they chose to buy it and they had a good reason to.

It happened with Virtua Fighter 5 in japan as this article states it even if it was a very short amount it will continue as the games keep coming and the sales will increase, but this time it will be slowly, not as sony and many people expected it. PARDON MY ENGLISH

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