Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is releasing for Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2024!

280d ago

Loved this on the GBA, the price is kinda high though for this type of game. $39.99 digital would have been perfect. It would be nice if there would be a physical release in the future.

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280d ago Replies(1)

Persona 3 Reload is February's top-selling title | Japan Monthly Charts

The Atlus RPG is the first PlayStation 5 title in eight months to take the top of the sales charts.

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Top 10 Hardest Levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong

“I remember when I made it to Mario vs Donkey Kong's credits for the first time: I had around 30 lives but then, I was introduced to the plus worlds which made me consistently see the game over screen. So, let's explore the very hardest levels in the entire game! 😅” - Martijn van Gent from Video Chums.

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ZeekQuattro106d ago

Most of the challenge is me over thinking shit and kicking myself later when the solution ain't that complicated. Mini Mario's being able to jump further then the game let's on for one. 🤣


UK Sales Charts: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Debuts at the Top, Helldivers 2 Holds Firm

PS: "This should come as no surprise, but Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has launched straight to the top of the UK's physical chart. Square Enix's sequel is one of 2024's biggest releases and had a huge amount of pre-launch hype, so we'd expect nothing less. It forces EA Sports FC 24 into second place, and Hogwarts Legacy also slips one position into third."

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