The Crew Motorfest review: "Better than Forza Horizon 5 in several ways" - Gamesradar

An open world racer that gets better the more you play it, revealing a wealth of high-quality racing in a beautiful, technically spectacular Hawaii. While it lacks originality, it is better than Forza Horizon 5 in several ways.

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Jin_Sakai80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Looks great. It’s about time Forza Horizon series gets some good competition.

porkChop79d ago

Agreed. The closest thing was Test Drive Unlimited though that had been gone for so many years. Thankfully a new one is coming out though it's from a different team.

Kaii80d ago

Congratulations Cara, you won this yrs award for the most annoying dialogue possible, holy shitballs how does QA not say she's aaf.

This beats the Floo Powder from HP, which was the same repeated line, holy hell.

Relientk7780d ago

You can't imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo Powder!

yeahokwhatever79d ago

hilarious that you think QA's opinion matters in such things. it SHOULD matter, but it doesnt. not at most companies anyways. most companies hire cheap QA and treat them like second class citizens.

EvertonFC79d ago

Never liked the crew franchise but I have to say this one has me more interested.

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OWO and Ubisoft To Launch OWO Haptic Gaming System - The Crew Motorfest Edition

Second OWO Collaboration with Ubisoft to be Natively Compatible in Season 2 of This Highly Popular Racing Franchise This Year

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Ubisoft Delays Unannounced "Large Game" & Boasts Record Sales for The Crew Motorfest

Ubisoft just announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year 2023-2024, and they're "much stronger than expected."

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Amplitude36d ago

Ah man I was really stoked for Unannounced Large Ubisoft Game.

Redgrave36d ago


The dryness of this is so good. I'll probably remember this comment in the morning and chuckle some more.


The Crew Motorfest - PS5/Series X/S Tech Review- A Great Series Return - But Only 30FPS on Series S

Digital Foundry: "As the series' third outing The Crew Motorfest hands in a solid 60fps experience on PS5 and Series X consoles. The open world design is in the same mould as Forza Horizon, and translates well to each. However the result on the 4TF Series S console isn't up to the same standard, where all gameplay is fixed at 30fps - with issues in frame pacing and tearing to boot."

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Father__Merrin48d ago

75% of xbox owners won't be able to play in 60fps

ocelot0748d ago

Also happy with the lower resolution. That's more strange to me as when the Xbox one X was released apparently 4k was a absolute must. Anything less than 4k or fake 4k was no good.

darthv7248d ago

If it bothers them so much... they can get an X.

Im betting it wont though.

47d ago
purple10148d ago

or play at 30fps for that matter, did you watch it>>?

it doesn't hold 30fps at all. shocking performance

thesoftware73048d ago


You keep saying this...it affects no one on here, this is a hardcore gaming site, and anyone who bought a SS on here knows what they were buying.

Go find the casual, or the people who could care less about fan wars, and all that mumbo jumbo that own a SS and make fun of them if that make you feel better.

While your at it, go make fun of the 125 million Switch owners who can't play some games at 60fps or at all, you seem to get excited about stuff like that and take it as some type of win lol.