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With its bleak reimagining of Pinocchio and a stunning Belle Epoque era setting, Lies of P stands apart even when its gameplay relies on imitation.


The review score was for the PC version

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Petebloodyonion79d ago

Looking forward to playing this game.
Glad to see it's getting some good review.

Rikimaru-0079d ago

want to get this but next month i'm going to be really busy with spiderman and Lords of the fallen.


Stop-Motion Style Game Harold Halibut Launching in Early 2024

An incredible-looking story game is coming out next year, where everything in it is made by hand.

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Hellblade 2 seemingly set to release soon as Phil Spencer teases "We don't have much longer to wait"

The Xbox boss has praised developer Ninja Theory and says he "loves how the game is coming together".

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PrinceOfAnger13h ago

Will be amazing year for PC

Hellblade 2
Stalker 2
Flight sim 24
horizon forbidden west
Clockwork Revolution
If only CIG release Squadron 42 soon

Last year was good too with
Hi fi rush
Last of us remake.

Lightning773h ago

Exec says they're excited for said game does nothing for me, but bring it I say. It's been ages since they had games that's story driven focus and this game has been in the pipeline for 4 years.

Let's see it already.

Crows901h ago

Phil likes to talk big about games he has little to do with...and when theyve got a decent game he just shadow drops it assuming its not that good...hi fi rush is a prime example.

He talked really well about starfield and was surprised about redfall....before throwing the dev team under the bus of course.

Crows901h ago

Phil loved crackdown 3.

Just saying. Theres no one else other than the xbox boss constantly yammering about how great certain games in the pipeline are...Show dont tell.

Let ninja theory do the talking dude.

SimpleSlave1h ago

Ninja Theory's best game was, oddly enough, DMC. Everything else have been mediocre at best. Enslaved could've been great but fell flat and the first Hellblade was laughably bad where it matters, the gampleay.

So they have a shet ton to prove before getting excited about this. Will the gameplay suffer even more now that the graphics have taken a massive presedent? We'll see. But so far, the gameplay they've shown was beyond underwhelming.

This is poised to be another Ryse or The Order 1886; A visual feast and shallow as a puddle. I'll be shocked otherwise.

AdonisIsBeast1h ago

Crazy that some xbox fanatics are excited for this. The franchise is mid at best and they’ve been developing this for over 6 years.

And it’s not even a large RPG with intricate systems or anything of the sort. It’s a linear action adventure game.

__SteakDeck__42m ago

Xbox fanboys for years have thrashed PS exclusives for being “one and done”, linear “interactive movies”, “walking simulators”. They better keep that same energy for this, but we know they won’t. Lol

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth English Trailer Reveals Danny Trejo and Daniel Dae Kim's Performances

Today Sega released a new trailer with English voiceovers of the upcoming mainline Yakuza game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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