What’s next for the Steam Deck?

As improving tech hyper-accelerates the aging of all platforms, how is the Steam Deck holding up in the year 2023?

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Steam News - Steam Client Update - May 7th

As the latest client update rolls out for Steam Remote, it appears Steam Deck users may not be able to reap the benefits just yet. The client update in question has added support for full HDR streaming from a Windows PC using Nvidia or AMD hardware acceleration to another Windows PC or Mac with an HDR display. However, Steam Deck users are struggling to send HDR from their PC to their device.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Steam Deck Optimized Settings & Performance Guide

We published the performance optimization guide for Ghost of Tsushima earlier today. This is the second post in that series, recommending the optimized settings for the Steam Deck handheld console. Ghost of Tsushima was tested in the below scene using customized graphics settings that provide a stable 40-45 FPS at 720p.

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AMD Could Revolutionize Handheld Gaming In 2024

Shaz from GL writes: "AMD could spur the beginning of a new era in handheld gaming with their upcoming APUs"

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rlow16d ago

To me the most important hardware is the battery. Doesn’t matter how powerful the chips are.

ABizzel16d ago

Eh…. It’s a combination of multiple things.

The battery is hugely important as it allows you to have ideally 4 - 5 hour gaming sessions.

The more powerful the processor the more games developers can share to the handheld, nd of course the better said games perform.

From there display, software, and ergonomics matter, as a good display/software will allow games to be more vivid, run at variable fps 30/40/60 ideally, and good ergonomics means it’s comfortable to play for said 4 - 5 hours. Everything else is gravy at that point.

rlow15d ago

I know we all want more power. But it’s sad that 4-5 hours is considered good now. It really shows how batteries have progressed at a much slower pace than hungry components.

redrum066d ago

Of course it matters how powerful the chips are for it to be future proof. Don't you want to be able to play new games?

Neonridr6d ago

the Switch proves that you don't need the most cutting edge power out there to be successful.

RaiderNation5d ago

@Neonrdr that doesn't prove anything because only Nintendo could get away with that. Their games aren't the most complex/graphically ambitious and Nintendo fans don't care.

Vits5d ago


If anything, the Switch proves the exact point "redrum06" was making. Yes, it might be successful, but it's definitely not future-proof. Just look at how many games and franchises completely skip the platform.

redrum065d ago

I have a Switch, and recently got the Legion Go. I havent touched the Switch ever since, purely because of its inability to play even older games at a decent frame rate. For anyone wanting to play multiplatform games as well, people should skip the Switch.

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Marcus Fenix6d ago

There’s no way you’re getting that 40CU 16-core APU in a handheld. That’s too hot and power hungry for that. The highest end APU they’re suggesting is going to end up in gaming laptops that can cool a 100W chip.

Jingsing6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I think these articles get things a little out of perspective, Steam Deck has sold around 3 million and Switch has sold 140 million. But if you are browsing certain parts internet you'd think the Steam Deck had sold over 100 million. If articles are going to continue to circulate like this and continue to put the Steam Deck in the same arena then I'm comfortable calling the device a flop.

Neonridr6d ago

Steam Deck, while considerably more popular due to it's lower barrier of entry, is still a niche device with the likes of the ROG Ally and others.

I own one and it's really nice to be able to play some games on the go or in bed, but it'll never fully compete with a system like the Switch.

Skuletor5d ago

Especially when they're not in the same price range, the Switch is considerably cheaper.

gold_drake5d ago

sure but theres still a limit to what u can put in there ha. power consumption would be the biggest hurdle. and cooling.

Demetrius5d ago

I wana try out a pc handheld but I would like to experience a steady framerate etc I don't wana have to keep going into my settings trying to make things smoother in gameplay, that's the only thing that's been keepin me from getting one I've heard others having to go into the settings time from time that'll be annoying