Killing Floor 3: Making A Monster

This looks very interesting and now there is a new trailer to enjoy. Tripwire Interactive is excited to share a new video for Killing Floor 3, the highly anticipated next chapter for the studio’s wildly successful flagship franchise Killing Floor – in development.


Killing Floor 3 Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC With New Trailer

At gamescom Opening Night, Tripwire Interactive unveiled Killing Floor 3! Running on Unreal Engine 5 and is headed to the PS5, XSX and PC.

REDGUM238d ago

That's a really cool looking trailer there.

BlackDoomAx238d ago

I hope it will be as good as the 2.

Snookies12238d ago

Even the first game was great! I hope they've expanded a lot on it though. Would love to see this series taken to the next level and become something truly special.

Snookies12238d ago

In a series like this? That would be wild! Would love to see some VR support on it.

poppatron238d ago

Wasn’t the second one on psvr1? I mean…😂 I totally could’ve imagined it

Neonridr238d ago

@poppatron - there was a Killing Floor Incursion, which was a game tailored for VR.

Number1TailzFan238d ago

Hot damn, this came outta nowhere! Nice surprise.. They actually beat Valve to the punch of a new L4D. I really hope it's using UE5.

My complaint with KF2 and even L4D is that it gets too repetitive, don't get me wrong it was one of my fave games but enemies became too predictable etc, something like AI training/learning would go a long way in a game like this.

I kind of hope there's a COOP campaign mode from the off as well to spice things up, and maybe do something about having little to do when you hit the level cap.