Valorant head coach Mini parts ways with Fnatic

Read about the departure of the Head Coach of the Valorant team Fnatic, Mini, after two years at the helm.


Valorant Won't Launch With Gyro Aiming On PS5 To Maintain Parity With Xbox, May Be Added In Future

The PS5 version of Valorant will not support gyro aiming functionality in order to maintain parity with the Xbox version.

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Einhander19722d ago

xbox hardware making things worse on PlayStation wherever I look.

Hopefully the series s doesn't get involved too.

Abnor_Mal2d ago

Tonya Harding (Xbox) always kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan (Sony).

Inverno2d ago

Gyro is a game changer, ironic since motion controls were so hated a few years back. Every shooter i can play it with I do and suddenly i don't suck lol

UnbreakableAlex2d ago

Works very well with splatoon on switch. unfortunately the switch introduced aiming lag while the Wii U was more precise and direct. I wonder how gyro aiming on PS5 is, since I don't have it.


New Valorant map Abyss is Riot's deadliest with zero boundaries

Riot Games has revealed the new Valorant map, Abyss, and it is the game's deadliest battlefield yet as it is the first with zero boundaries.

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Leaked Valorant Aemondir bundle is a searing collection of eye-catching skins

The Aemondir bundle, a searing collection of Valorant skins set ablaze, has been leaked ahead of its in-game release, and it’s a pack you won’t want to miss.