World Series of Warzone Global Final Will Take Place in London

ESTNN writes: "World Series of Warzone (or “WSOW”) has seen plenty of action since its In-Game Opens back in April. Since then, the best trios all around the globe have been competing in a non-stop firefight for a spot at the top 50. And now after months high-level play, Call of Duty's battle royale tournament series is finally reaching it's peak."


Lockwood 300 is Once Again Broken in Warzone

The OP Lockwood 300 shotgun with the Dual Trigger one-shot ability is back in Warzone, and it has broken the current SMG meta.

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Infinity Ward Facing Backlash for "Listening to Community Feedback" Regarding Warzone Player Count

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward is facing serious community backlash after claiming to change a Warzone feature due to "feedback."

PunksOnN4G185d ago

They did not listen the dis it for the zombie modea only people been asking for this to help the servers run better for months they refused till now hahahah yeah infinity wars is the worst

thorstein185d ago

"Player Feedback" as in some folks on Twitter or "player feedback" as in we surveyed current players?


COD Warzone Haunting Event Grants Players a Diablo 4 Cosmetic

Diablo 4 players can earn a unique Scythe cosmetic in the now-active Warzone Haunting event by defeating The Butcher in Al Mazrah.