PS5 sales jumped 42% in the UK during August | UK Monthly Charts

It was a solid August for video games in the UK, driven by continued strong sales of PS5.

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anast281d ago

They'll probably jump in Sept. also because of the Starfield release.

repsahj281d ago

Lol! Now I'm excited for Sept charts. XD

Stanjara281d ago

Starfield - 1000% for Series S.

Abnor_Mal281d ago

Cause many people want to play No Man’s Sky.

Hofstaderman280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

I REALLLY want to see the September charts. Phil may have actually spoke the truth for once in his infamous interview re. Starfield and Xbox sales.
Playstation taking scalps as per usual this month.

jznrpg280d ago

75% increase in July 42% in August , pretty damn good

badz149280d ago

Sony should buy Take2. Their investors would be so happy all year long


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