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Community306d ago

Square Enix Already "Hard At Work" On Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3

Development on the next game in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy might be further ahead than we thought. In a video discussing the series, the project leads say they are "hard at work" on the finale, right after launching Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

This comment was made by Remake and Rebirth director Tetsuya Nomura, who says that he and the scenario writer Kazushige Nojima are already working on the next game. Better yet, composer Nobuo Uematsu says that he'd be "honoured" to return for the finale, despite previously fearing that he doesn't have the "strength" for another game.

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Community105d ago
just_looken105d ago

So i take it they won't be fixing there last game with the visual/movement problems.

Just keep tossing them out

Barlos104d ago

Nothing worse than a grammar nazi

_Decadent_Descent104d ago


Nothing worse than those that let others keep on making a fool of themselves and say nothing to correct them. That's why they continue to keep making those mistakes.

Pyrofire95104d ago

I appreciate that many more people are agreeing with the grammar correction and disagreeing with Barlos.

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garos82104d ago

yikes talk about nit picking and strawmanning

roadkillers104d ago

This is something most crtics bring up... but they still gave the game 9+ score. As big of a deal as you are making it, a VAST majority of players were just fine with the graphics compared to waht they got with Rebirth

DarXyde104d ago

Dude complains about everything.

I haven't finished the game yet, but I'm having a blast.

Just negative for the sake of being negative.

dumahim104d ago

While I'd guess they're probably not going to do much else about it at this point, just because they're working on the sequel doesn't mean they can't have someone working on the visual issues for Rebirth. Likewise, it also doesn't mean they're not working on a DLC for it either.
Either way, I'd put money on it that they'll update the game for PS5 Pro.

Exvalos104d ago

Keep up the hatred fanboy, and we will keep playing great games

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GoodGuy09105d ago

Sweet....and hopefully can actually answer all the wtfs rather than giving us more questions that has been happening in these games lol. And I hope they just end the game properly instead of trying to milk VII even more. I'd very much like to see remakes of other FF titles on the same level.

-Foxtrot105d ago

God I hope this is it for VII

They’ve milked it far too much over the years, I mean Wikipedia has its own VII specific page because there’s so much media for it

It’s time for other FF games to get some love

gold_drake105d ago

im all for it, remake and rebirth were fantastic, especially rebirth, my god wat a brilliant game.

i mean, we had 16 and 14 still be a thing.
and 9 is getting a remake too, apparently

FinalFantasyFanatic104d ago

As much as I love FF7, they have really milked it to death, 2 compilations of FF7 which includes novels, games, mobile games, movies and animation...

They really need to put more effort into newer FF games.

-Foxtrot104d ago


Yeah I mean look at it man, why does anyone want it milked even more when other FF games are starving for attention.


Furesis105d ago

Well when you have Tetsuya Nomura hands on something, that is what you get. Whether you like it or not that's another thing.
I don't think they should make remakes like this anymore, and they won't that's what they said also. It takes too long and it just fragments the game too much for my taste. And i'd prefer a more 1 to 1 remake with maybe a slightly smaller budget so that it would actually be made in a reasonable time rather than these 10+ year projects.

gold_drake105d ago

nomura doesnt ely that much of a role in the trilogy, its Nojima u need to blame ha.

as for the og, there are mods u can use for that.

we'll never get an updated og game. it would take them years to finish it, even if its 1:1

fr0sty104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

nobody will buy a 1:1 remake, they already know what is going to happen exactly... and you can't properly remake a 20+ year old game 1:1 anyway, so much needs to be done to bring it to modern standards, that you have to change some things.

Michiel1989104d ago

@frosty that's the same thing the execs at blizzard said about WoW classic and here we are. You think you do, but you don't

dumahim104d ago

They did a Remaster for Crisis Core, which seemed near impossible due to a licensing issue not too long ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same for Dirge of Cerberus before part 3.

I do worry what they'll do with part 3 though. They're not just going to abandon the nonsense. Rebirth was like 98% fantastic, but those whispers moments and their take on what is one of the most iconic scenes in video games ever just upsets me.

Hofstaderman104d ago

80 hours into rebirth and loving it. Bring it on Square.

gold_drake104d ago

i had 118h at the end. with everything done minues the queens blood stuff. and i absolutely loved every minute of it

Hofstaderman104d ago

I just want to say bugger mog house level 6. Will return to that later

Shiro173104d ago

Only one thing I hated it and it was the relic hunt for the sand spot next to the flying saucer. I hated that mini game for the relic. Killing those cactus with Aerith was annoying.

fr0sty104d ago

I like the remakes better than the original that I grew up playing back in the 90s... they are doing it right. And that soundtrack... I still jam the Gongaga theme all the time.