Cities: Skylines 2 Gets New Trailer Highlighting the Full-Featured Photo Mode & Cinematic Camera

Colossal Order and Paradox Entertainment released another trailer about the upcoming city builder Cities: Skylines 2, focusing on the photo mode.

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The new Cities Skylines 2 DLC is literally the worst-rated thing on Steam

Launching alongside Cities Skylines 2 mods, the new DLC for Colossal Order’s sequel sits at the very bottom of the entire Steam chart.

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just_looken16d ago

Just a fyi you still need for a mid/high end pc to get decent frame rate/smooth experience at 1080p on a large city.

Sense october last year they have been trying to get it out of alpha still have not tossed out the premium version of dlc and now are charging for dlc on top of that.

Cities 2 has lower number of players than the first one also.

14700k/4070ti medium some high settings 1080p this person is stoked small city can get past that 60fps threshold


Cities: Skylines 2's First DLC Gets Hit With a Wave Of Criticism

Cities: Skylines 2's First DLC, Beach Properties, launched on Monday, March 25, and many players are not happy with what it offers.

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Zeke6817d ago

A Beach DLC without beaches?! That's like a Diablo game without Diablo(4), what could never happen, right?!


Cities Skylines 2 Gets Beach Properties DLC in March, Plus Official Mod Support

ESTNN Writes: "There's nothing quite like spending your day relaxing in front of calming blue seas with the wind in your hair. Just make sure to slap on the Factor 50, and bring a spare towel.