Updated rumors about Killzone

Rumor Reporter gives an update about rumors concerning Killzone, the none-appearance at GDC, and the alleged demo.

The article should be taken with a grin of salt, as the sources are a bit thin to say the least, so read with that in mind.

From the article : "I found out a little bit more than what I'm able to say, but posting anything more may not be needed. From what I know, Killzone 2 could very well be the best looking console game, ever. Period. This was revealed to my by a Genji 2 producer back in September, citing the game's visuals as even better than the original trailer."

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TheGoodMART4885d ago

Think about it? If the game really looks that good! That was the trailer that made me want a ps3 so badly!

Maldread4885d ago

Yeah, i think it will be exciting to see how close the end product will be, but all the attention on grapics isn`t all good either. I don`t expect it to match the first trailer anyway.

Judging from the first game, it will be the gameplay which needs the most work. I would rather have a steady framerate, rather than a choppy one just for it to be as close as possible to the first video. A good multiplayer, and a more varied experience is also needed.

My biggest fear is Killzone 2 turning into a Getaway 2, because this game has a lot of promise.

TheXgamerLive4885d ago

If it were done or any where close to even half done for that matter, we'd be seeing ingame footage, or shots of it. This is a given, well were not so it's not. In fact there's now a good chance that it wont ever emerge on any platform due to the "no news" status of it all.

People are making up things/news/rumors as a false hope but no news is bad news in this case.

When the games making ground or looking good, you'll see "something" to watch. So, this no news is quite bad news. To say it's looking better than the CGI, lol, no way, it's looking horrid if anything at all, or you would be seeing "something", again anything positive would of already surfaced, so there must be nothing positive to show.

Sony badly needs this title to save face to a major degree. The problems w/MGS4 and then if Killzone 2 is a bust/no show, then sony has laid there bed 6 ft. under already.

Killzone 2 looked to have major promise if there hoping to do it like the CGI that everyone has seen for over 2 yrs now.


whats wrong with mgs4 are you jealous its not coming to 360? You are talking as if sony are in trouble but in the UK (where i am from the 360 has flopped!

HungPHAT4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

360 a flop, just log on LIVE and see millions of gamers online 24/7 I also have a PS3 and there online is not good! even for FREE, I rather pay for a soild online experience than a bare bones one.........

Maddens Raiders4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

Maldread. It's little tidbits like these that continue to stir the mystic pot re: this title. I just wish they would at the very least provide a single 'working in-game' screen or a demo at EU/UK/PAL Launch would rock the house. Then again, if it's being tweaked to the Nth degree so be it. They have a lot to prove up to and I'm quite sure Guerilla and SNE know that. Hence the reason for such tight lips and and obsessive refining. Hell, they're (Guerilla) only going head to head with Halo 3, which is making for fine competition. What better way, eh?

In the meantime this game is is garnering more and more attention simply due to its it duplicitious nature. What better a lightning rod than controversey? And there certainly is plenty of that. CGI or not, this game is going to stir a whirlwind of activity by hardcores- and on-lookers upon it's launch. =]

TheXgamerLive4885d ago

It's not going head to head with Halo 3, in fact at the curent, it's not going up against abything at all. There total absence is a bad bad sign. There's no competing competion to a non existant title. It's non b/c there's nothing to show but rumor, and had there even been a story from the dev's that are promising something, anything at all then there'd be hope.

As I said earlier, I don't doubt that it's being worked on but that could be 1 person doing some work, but basically it's progress must be at a stand still or else there's be something. For the hope of the ps3 console, they'll continue it's rumors, you all will just to have hope, beit false at best.

I'll bet that it wont be released if at all until 2009.

Maldread4885d ago

I think everyone wants to see how the game is shaping up.I`m dying for some in-game footage now, but guess that won`t come until the new E3 at the earliest. I think XGamer is right about the game slipping out of 2007 though, maybe 2008 is more realistic if it`s goal is to match that trailer.