Stellar Blade Is Getting A Physical Release, Confirms Official PS Website Listing

The official PlayStation website listing for Stellar Blade has revealed that the game will be getting a physical release, with preorders available for the disc version going live at some point down the line.

TriniOutsider277d ago

I don't know about this game just yet....

Babadook7277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

I think you need to look again. Awoooga! O.o

CobraKai277d ago

Ive been looking again and again.

Wanting this and Phantom Blade Zero

Plague-Doctor27276d ago

I remember seeing the initial trailer, butt I've really been waiting for more information to keep myself abreast of all the game has to offer

Droppedez277d ago

Cool, this one is definitely on my radar.

jambola277d ago

Day 1
been waiting for this since the first teaser

repsahj277d ago

Nice for a physical release! Below $70 price point please!

lellkay277d ago

Excited for this and glad it's getting a physical!

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Stellar Blade Gets Big PS Plus Premium Game Trial

PS Plus Premium subscribers can play a big chunk of Stellar Blade for free right now. The game already has a demo on the PS Store.

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jznrpg17h ago

Playing it now! The game is pretty big. I like that there is a lot of hidden stuff. It is a lot like Nier Automata more than I thought. But this game has some verticality to it. Recommended


Stellar Blade Dev Teases More Suits & Content Updates, Discusses Sequel Plans

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has teased more suits and future content updates, and has also discussed plans for a sequel.

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thesoftware73015d ago

This game reminds me of when my daughter used to play the Bratz dress-up game on the Gamecube.

VersusDMC15d ago

Pretty sure in the bratzs game you also finish off a boss by cutting off it's arms and impaling it to a wall. Both games are well know for their violence. 🙃🤣

thesoftware73015d ago

People seem more excited about the cute dress-up outfits rather than the actual game.

CrimsonWing6915d ago


So, games with alternate costumes like fighting games, games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, hell let’s say the Souls-like games when you’re choosing cool looking sh*t for builds and crap ton of other games that do this are like the Bratz game?

Like, why in the f*ck do people get all douchey when a game is about titillation. You play Halo or anything? Do you like “dressing up” Chief? I guarantee you this wouldn’t be a response for Street Fighter 6 season pass costumes. I enjoyed running through RE4 Remake with different costumes, not once did I think it’s “dress-up.”

I know you thought you were being clever with the snarky comment, but instead you just sh*t the bed with it. Devil May Cry must also be like Bratz with the alternate outfits… Geezus, sometimes I just can’t with the comment diarrhea some people spray on this site.

Elda15d ago

Absolutely no comparison.