Turok 3 Remaster - Gamescom Demo Impressions

You can once again look forward to a complex level design with large environments where you can often get lost. But you will enjoy getting lost here, because getting lost can always lead to hidden secrets.

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gold_drake219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

turok is sooo good.

Snookies12219d ago

The original was absolutely one of my favorite games back on the N64. Which is crazy, because the N64 has SO many amazing games.

dmonee219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Remember the first time you shot an arrow into someone’s neck? That was the first time I had ever seen a grisly, death animation! I don’t even think you had to hit the enemies in the head for that to happen. I can’t remember the dino death animations. I do recall, wandering around forever though, in green corridors that we’re supposed to simulate a dense forest. Its been a long time…..

RaidenBlack158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Nightdive folks are absolute legends for nostalgic gamers ...

blacktiger219d ago

The best of the best in fps, rated m, death animation, death scream and first to have fps mouse/keyboard control on console controller

GoodGuy09219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Man these games were great. Odd we haven't had a new entry yet. These games were the goldeneye for me (I never played goldeneye as a kid...)

Redgrave219d ago

I believe that the IP is in a limbo of some kind, after the closure of Acclaim and the failure of Turok 2008. I could be wrong though.

That, and with the FPS market being what it is, I am not sure I'd want anyone to try because it would be dragged down by it's MP component. It would likely be soulless and I'd rather it live in memory than be dragged out to die all over again.

Yui_Suzumiya219d ago

Currently playing the remaster of Turok on my laptop and really enjoying it. Brings back memories of when I had a N64 back in the 90's.

jznrpg219d ago

Why is PC listed only? Clearly it says PC and Consoles

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mastershredder135d ago

"How it holds up". I love this, like it's not going to run or drop something as it moves. This is like the idiot that runs games thought every emulator update and comments on the performance changes that did not change.

This remaster looks like soup in uhd. It's really bad and a lazy "remaster". If you HAD to play it this way, go for it, the Turok series were fun, otherwise find a N64. There is something about playing original n64 games on that system and controller that does not cross over. This remaster is more like a 5 or 6. It's piss-poor.