EDGE #389 review scores

The latest EDGE reviews include a rare perfect score, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and more.

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coolbeans260d ago

Congrats to Larian for their continued success. I'm *somewhat* suspicious of Goodbye Volcano High's overzealous praise, but will give it a fair shot.

coolfool260d ago

Goodbye Volcano High looks like a cool chill game. I will probably pick that up sometime soon.


Almost A Year Later, Armored Core 6 Comes Across As Sekiro's Rebellious Brother

Armored Core 6 is the modern, action-packed mecha game that deviates from the Soulsbornes formula orchestrated by Hidetaka Miyazaki.


From Software Parent Company's Profits Drop, but Armored Core Surprises

From Software parent company Kadokawa has released its financials for the year, and while profits are down, Armored Core has performed surprisingly well.

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zaanan18d ago

In other words, FromSoft is kicking ass; other Kadokawa game companies, not so much.

savedsynner18d ago

Name another company that has ever released only games worthy of a 90+ score for over a decade? starting with Demon's Souls, nothing but 90+s...even DS2 was a great game.

Ataraxias18d ago

Princess Peach Showtime is currently in the mid 70s

esherwood18d ago

Fromsoft is one of the few good guys left

FinalFantasyFanatic17d ago

I hope we get another AC game in the future or some DLC, I don't think we'll see DLC though. At the shizuoka hobby show they apparently announced a heap of AC model kits, even from older games like AC3.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk dev on the future of the franchise

Following the success of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Team Reptile appears to be keen on working further on the franchise with more games.

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