Sims-Like Game Life by You Gets New Video Showing Relationships & Character Customization

Paradox Tectonic released another video of the upcoming simulation game and The Sims rival Life by You, showing off relationships and more.

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Life by You Creators Tried "Everything" to Avoid Cancellation

A former Life by You developer claims the game was doing "extremely well" before cancellation, and that he and his team weren't told why it was canceled.

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shinoff218329d ago

They definitely got paid off by ea

Snookies1229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

No doubt, considering the thousands of dollars a single person can spend just on DLC for Sims 4. They don't want that cash cow being threatened. I used to be a huge Sims fan, now I'm just disgusted by what it's become.

D4Damager29d ago

From what I heard from a friend in the industry and apparently this is pretty well known to a lot of groups, they relied really heavily on AI in the game. The AI basically broke which would have caused the devs thousands of hours of work to rework a lot of things from scratch.

Theres also people saying the higher ups didn't want AI being used, and when they found out they went ballistic. But thats more of a conspiracy theory/rumor more than anything else Im told.

Real shame either way, showed a lot of promise. Regardless, Dev's got screwed hard :(

Fonsecap28d ago

Well, paralives is still in development by an independent individual and it's looking pretty well so we'll still have a Sims competitor.


Life By You's Open-World Features Explained

Paradox Interactive's Life By You will have a massive open-world to explore, with some of the most ambitious features of any open-world title to date.

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The highly-anticipated ´life sim "Life by You" is coming to PC via Early Access on June 4th, 2024

"The Stockholm-based (Sweden) indie games publisher and game developer Paradox Interactive today announced that their highly-anticipated Life Sim game, "Life by You", is now coming to PC (through Steam and EGS) via Early Access on June 4th, 2024." - Jonas Ek, TGG.