Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Summertime Update (1.12)

Payday 2 crossover event, mod.io in-game console integration, new knife animations, and the introduction of Dying Light Points.

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phoenixwing254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

Really now? Not buying the next one due to this crap. I already bought the game too but haven't gotten around to playing it. Feels like bait and switch. Which is pretty scummy.

ABizzel1254d ago

At first I was going to say it’s annoying, but it make sense to keep the servers up and running and the only ones playing are the ones who are still ingrained in the community. But after reading the article and seeing Tencent now owns them, this is pure gree.

fsfsxii252d ago

multibillion dollar corporation cant afford a paltry few thousand dollars a month to maintain servers. Who buys this bs?

Kaii253d ago

£4.99 nets ya 500 points and the cheapest bundle is 550 Oh my where have I seen this shady tactic used before?
Governments need to outlaw/BAN companies engaging with this bullshit currency exchange, When I click on games nowadays and see multiple currency bundles as dlc I step away from that garbage.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Thanks, Techland for DL 1.

Seraphim253d ago

yeah, that kind of bs needs to be banned. If you're going to offer MTs at least make everything purchasable for one transaction. Not this bs that forces you to spend more and/or leaves you with a pittance left that you can't spend unless you buy more in game currency... You sell 500 tokens then charge 500 for said MT, or split things up into 100 or 250 tokens, etc, etc, etc. This type of MT is the scummiest of scum.

shinoff2183253d ago

I didn't care for the first game. It felt real samey. Like it was pretty big and I'd be running through areas and felt I just went through that same area. Same reason assassins creed turns me off. Assassins creed wasn't as bad though.

-Foxtrot253d ago

My issue is the time gap between the first game and this was far too big

I wanted to see the virus slowly take over and people dealing with that, even if it was a year after the first game but making it 22 years after...

Just a shame with the first games expansion, the Following, they couldn't bring Kyle Crane back if they just set it a year after.

Also I didn't care for the lack of focus on guns and more on melee weapons. It's like they bit off more than they could chew.

jjb1981253d ago

Blame Tencent. You don't have to buy them. The game has been out for over a year now. The next game is definitely going to be questionable. They made a solid first game. This one was OK but much less intense.

RhinoGamer88253d ago

Tencent is the king of aggressive monetization. Shameful.

mastershredder253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Micros transactions and not-asked-for cross-overs with other games or TV shows that THEY are apparently fans of (again no one asked for their insertion of this other properties) So fing lame that they went full Ubisoft with this IP.

Seeing dumb zombies with payday masks really is not doing the game any favors at all.

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