Roblox coming to PlayStation 4 and PS5

The popular children's gaming platform has more than 60 million players a day, according to the firm.

phoenixwing81d ago

if sony had been shrewd enough to make dreams into a roblox competitor they'd be raking in more money but what do i know? Instead of releasing ways to monetize dreams and put it on pc too, they just sit there and get small residuals from roblox

Eonjay81d ago

The current paradigm being forced on us says that Sony (and only Sony) is not allowed to monetize its content.

chicken_in_the_corn81d ago

Robux are the top selling item at my work. I might have to see what the fuss is about.

Stanjara81d ago

You work at the kindergarten?

phoenixwing81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Almost any store that sells gift cards has roblox. Kids stop by to pick those up.

81d ago
Stanjara81d ago

@gaddygreg Oh boy, you're special.

It was a joke dude, and a good one because it's valid based on a comment.
That's called comedy.

Just enjoy Roblox... it's gonna be on consoles now, great ok?

-They don't sell stuff in a kindergarten. Sheeesh... some people.

NotoriousWhiz81d ago

I won't go into a big rant here, but I believe that Roblox is among one of the worst things to happen to children. Even worse than Fortnite. Due to how it exploits children's desires to want the cool items (that cost Robux).

Want to jump higher Billy? Buy this coil for $2! Oh the coil broke!? That's okay, you can buy another one for $2. Like that cool item? Go ahead and buy it. Oh wait, the seller committed copyright infringement? We're just going to take that item away from you and not refund you for purchasing it.

80d ago
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neutralgamer199281d ago


Stanjara has asked a valid question we need answers no we demand answers

81d ago
CobraKai81d ago

Cool. I play with my kids on xbox while they play on PCs. I personally don’t like the game and am incredibly bored while playing but they love it and love how im playing with them.

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Roblox on PlayStation hits 10 million downloads in a week

Roblox is currently one of the most popular games of all time

ABizzel141d ago

This is why GaaS is being pushed so hard. More downloads in a week, than what 99% of games will sell their entire lifetime.

jznrpg40d ago

Not at my house Roblox is banned -


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