Cities: Skylines 2 looks set to found a new era of city building | TheSixthAxis

TSA spends some time with Cities Skylines 2.

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mkis007319d ago

Looking forward to this one big time.

shinoff2183318d ago

I'll try it on gamepass. As much as I know I'd enjoy this , all the dlc turns me off. It just doesn't stop , same with those new jurassic park games. I used to play Sim city 2000 and jurassic park genesis endlessly

BrainSyphoned318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Heaven forbid a company keeps improving their one game instead of making you buy their same game every year with no noticeable inprovments.

DeadlyFire318d ago

noone forces ya to buy the dlc. I just buy the base game and enjoy.

Abear21318d ago

Agreed, DLC is ridiculous with these games, same as the Sims games, they know the features you want (like traffic control, metro transit) and they leave it out and sell it to you in pieces. Still, there’s really no other game that does city sim/management better.

mkis007318d ago

Well they have supposedly commited to doing dlc differently this time around. Nothing that should be baseline i think.

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Cities: Skylines 2 Continues Renovations and Delays More Content

Paradox has promised that the Cities: Skylines 2 economy rework will arrive soon, but the game's Creator Packs have been delayed as a result.

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Paradox Interactive Dropped The Ball Big Time With Cities: Skylines 2

Shahmeer from eXputer: "Paradox Interactive's Cities Skylines: 2 is an underwhelming experience from what was promised by the devs, leaving much more to be desired."

kythlyn99d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this but at this point I'd like to see EA revive Maxis and take another crack at SimCity.


The new Cities Skylines 2 DLC is literally the worst-rated thing on Steam

Launching alongside Cities Skylines 2 mods, the new DLC for Colossal Order’s sequel sits at the very bottom of the entire Steam chart.

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just_looken118d ago

Just a fyi you still need for a mid/high end pc to get decent frame rate/smooth experience at 1080p on a large city.

Sense october last year they have been trying to get it out of alpha still have not tossed out the premium version of dlc and now are charging for dlc on top of that.

Cities 2 has lower number of players than the first one also.

14700k/4070ti medium some high settings 1080p this person is stoked small city can get past that 60fps threshold