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Starfield is a shallow ocean, hiding its lack of creative ambition behind the physical size of a universe that’s minuscule where it counts.

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Jin_Sakai258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I’ve been watching lots of gameplay footage and it’s literally a loading simulator. You fly to space “loading screen” you land on a planet “loading screen” you exit your ship “loading screen” you open a door “loading screen” It will honestly put you to sleep watching people streaming the game. And don’t get me started on the dead eyed NPCs that literally stare into your soul.

CrashMania258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Yep, there's nothing seemless about it, I think a 4/10 is harsh, I finished the story the other day and I'd rate it a 6, maybe a 6.5, not a bad game per se, but very underwhelmed is how I'd describe it for me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I just can't fathom the 9 and 10 scores, interested to see where it'll end up score wise on metacritic, as it's definitely skewed with the selective code distribution so far

z2g258d ago

But have you played it….

ken2813258d ago

The 9 out of 10 comes from Xbox players having a new game to play after a record horrible drought. If you drink only water for 3 years a new green tea will be the greatest drink ever. PS fans are sipping on different kind of Sodas so we looking at XBox fans like whatever.

crazyCoconuts258d ago

Yeah 4/10 means flat out broke, it's obviously not that bad. Gotta throw out the outliers

notachance258d ago

yeah definitely not a 4/10.. I'm 6 hours in and I'd rate it 6-7/10.
It truly gets boring fast, and I don't know why but there seems a bit too much loading screen between plays even though I always use fast travel in other games too, but they're never as annoying as the one here.

It's fallout 4 in space.. literally, there's nothing different to the gameplay from their previous games other than space dogfight.

Rdeal257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Sounds like you rushed through the story so that explains why your score it so low and if you followed a decent critic score site like opencritic, you would see it has a lot more reviews with a higher score

LordoftheCritics257d ago

Jim's final attempt at relevancy.

CrashMania257d ago


I had an early copy and did not rush the story, I never rush games like this. I tried to enjoy the exploration but when it's mostly just procedurally generated barren wastelands with repetitive actvitis it got old for me fast.

andydalum255d ago

I feel for many including myself that rate the game as a 9 or a 10 because of all the game elements combined make it that fun for us. Between designing our own ships, our own settlements, NG+ variants, exploration yes it exists even though many claim it doesn't, gunplay is good (much better than fallout 4). I love being able to store whatever I want on my ships, I love being able to take everything I can see mostly. If you only focus on the main story and that's it I could see people thinking it's a great game. I find it hard to believe anyone who enjoys alot of the different aspects of the game would be that low on it.

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outsider1624258d ago

So i was right all along. There's nothing unique experience about it as Mr.obscure put it.

thesoftware730258d ago

So this review, from 1 site I never heard of makes you right?


outsider1624258d ago

I was talking about obscure's comment about being a unique experience when he hyped it. As i replied there's nothing unique about it..

neutralgamer1992258d ago


You never heard of Jim Sterling ?

LightofDarkness258d ago

Hot take: TES and Fallout are also pretty mid as a whole. BGS just keep cranking out the same basic game and it’s always been quite shallow, certainly after Morrowind.

Crows90258d ago

Yes Morrowind was incredible. Their games have only gotten shallower and shallower.

My hot take is the following...maybe starfield not being open world is a good thing. Do we even want them to go assassin's creed on their games?

I prefer smaller areas with more content. Too much walking in these planets though.

neutralgamer1992257d ago


It’s not hot take. Fallout new Vegas was the best and it wasn’t even developed by Bethesda. If you look at it fallout 3 was their best work and since than they have been good not great

Fallout is TES with guns
TES is fallout without guns
Starfield is fallout in space

BaughJaughs258d ago

Literally don’t understand the word literally.

execution17258d ago

That's what's putting me off from playing. So many loading screens when I'm just getting handed fetch quests or go to that planet in another solar system and kill a leader but first I need to chart a path with means going to a bunch of other systems first which means even more loading screens and menus

Traecy258d ago

LOL!! I noticed the bugged eye npcs, looking like they're tweaked off of meth.

Yui_Suzumiya258d ago

Just like Jim was when he wrote this review, lol

z2g258d ago

You should try actually playing games before forming opinions by watching others play. I’ve been playing it for 5 days straight and having a lot of fun. Maybe it’s not for you but watching videos isn’t experiencing the game.

EvertonFC258d ago

I agree starfield doesn't stream well with lots of loading screens and inventory management, must seem boring to watch, however other types of games do well and can still be experienced watching.
I just don't think starfield is one of them watchable games with the points I mentioned above.

chronoforce257d ago

As Bethesda have demonstrated for decades, it is possible to have fun with their games despite all the issues present in them. They can't even properly procedurally generate interiors, I have already visited several duplicated abandoned robot research facilities. How hard could it have been to create some more variation?

There are load screens everywhere, how on earth can there be a load screen when walking into a shop? Bethesda have been making the same game for decades but every step forward, is another 2 steps back.

BaughJaughs257d ago

There are a heap of people that are watching hamfisted videos of other people trying to make the game look bad and forming their opinion from that. If you like Skyrim/fallout then you are very likely to enjoy this. I’m having a blast and the game gets better and better the longer you play

S2Killinit257d ago

I wish. But Skyrim was inspired. This isnt imo