Starfield exceeds 6 million players, becomes Bethesda's biggest game launch

Bethesda's latest RPG Starfield has surpassed 6 million players, making it the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time.

shadowT228d ago

Fallout 4 shipped 12 million copies on launch day, according to Bethesda.

Jin_Sakai228d ago

Everyone fell for the hype. That and Xbox fans are thirsty.

343_Guilty_Spark228d ago

It’s going to be okay.

Now back to Starfield 😊

GhostScholar228d ago

Like you wouldn’t be playing it if it was on ps5. I wish it was on everything too, but don’t be silly and act like it’s not a good game.

PhillyDonJawn228d ago

Shhhh, everythings going to be okay baby *caresses hair* I wish I could play too.

Sonic1881228d ago (Edited 228d ago )


I agree that it's a good game but it's not great. It's not better than Elders Scrolls or Fallout. Starfield was overhyped by Xbox fans saying it would be the GOTY

S2Killinit228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Question is how many are on gamepass? How many will stop playing it after a try.

Show us the breakdown.

MatrixxGT228d ago

Jesus dude, do you go outside? It’s a decent game. Get over it.

shinoff2183227d ago

Ghostscholar, at some point you just have to admit maybe stsrfield just isn't for everyone. Not me I bought my xbox for it but if this was a new elder scrolls game instead I wouldn't be interested. My favorite game from them is fallout and prey, probably stsrfield to once I get more time in. Just realize not everyone is interested in a space rpg just like it takes alot for me to be interested in a medieval type of rpg

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-Foxtrot228d ago

I looked this up and I guess you are right, they did


So why are they saying here that THIS is the biggest launch? If 12 million people bought the game then surely it means 12 million were playing at launch.

Snookies12228d ago

Shipping 12 million is not the same as selling 12 million. Retailers have to order extra copies beyond any that were pre-ordered to have them in stock as well. Granted, I haven't really looked into the sales of Starfield or Fallout 4. Just pointing out that shipping and selling copies are quite different.

Lightning77228d ago

It's shipped vs sold. skyrim shipped 7 million copies but sold 3.5 million. Fallout 4 actually sold13.5 million copies as of 2021. Maybe Fallout did 4 or 5 million sales wise.

Since Xbox entry to gaming is through gamepass (and conventional means) players counts can be much higher as we've seen here.

If you want actual SF sales yeah MS won't give that out. IMO Bethesda needs to give that out if MS won't release sales figures since they're being ran semi independently and all.

VenomUK228d ago

What counts as a player to Microsoft? My understanding that it’s a person who has launched the game once.

For Starfield, and all other games, Microsoft can also measure how many people played for different time increments eg 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours etc. it would be insightful to know how many players as a percentage have played for five or more hours then you can see how many people are playing padded the intro.

Sonic1881228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

How many people of the 12 million played it on gamepass for a $10 dollar monthly subscription? That's what I wanna know

senorfartcushion228d ago

This is very company in America. Happens every major launch for Xbox and PlayStation

shinoff2183227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Keyword bought. We will probably never know how many we're bought.

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GotGame818228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Shipped, isn't SOLD. It also isn't current players.

Kakashi Hatake226d ago

Players is an awful indicator. I'd take shipped as a better indicator than people that downloaded and pressed start. By that logic, Sony can add downloads to their sales numbers of games like Ratchet and Clank. Keep drinking the kool aid Xbots.

Lightning77228d ago

Now that's more like it. Yes I made a slip up. 1 million concurrent players is very, very good. I thought it was 1 million players.

6 million players exceeds Forza Horizon 5 by a million. I can't find the stat for Halo at launch 343 didn't post.

Regardless the most played Bethesda game at launch is also pretty incredible.

Crows90228d ago

Likely also the least sold. When you practically give out a free game ...yeah..more people will grab it.

Gamepass for PC is quite cheap through Ms edge rewards...

Lightning77228d ago

Yeah that's the plan for MS. Tango game works aren't complaining. They expanded there studio and Pere Hines said that studio will take more risks and future support that studio more all because of one game All through GP. I dunno how the the pay goes but that's not for us to worry about.

Off topic but Todd also teased Indiana Jones to be shown off next year. Possibly next E3 hopefully. More Bethesda goodness.

Sonic1881228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Gamepass for PC is quite cheap through Ms edge rewards...

Hey, that's supposed to be a secret. We don't want the whole world to know that. Microsoft has been saving me money bro.

FPS_D3TH228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Literally just saying what everybody even microsoft knows and acknowledges. They don’t expect subscribers to buy a copy of every game on gamepass they enjoy lmao

PunksOnN4G228d ago

Halo Launch Numbers was 20mil in the 1st week idk about concurrent. buit Halo was much bigger then starfield in my eyes

Lightning77228d ago

No it wasn't. That was reported in January 25 2022 not first week. There are no first week numbers for Halo Infinite. Anymore lies I can clear up? I can do this all day, and I often do.

ChasterMies228d ago

Don’t know about Halo Infinite, but the at the apex of Halo, Halo 3 had 1M concurrent players at launch and 13M lifetime sales on Xbox 360. On the high end estimate, Halo 3 May have sold 8M in the first week. That was on Xbox 360 only.

Reaper22_228d ago

I'm loving this game. Definitely one of the best ever. Huge win for Microsoft. Congrats to Phil for making this happen for xbox gamers. Game of the year for sure.

Soulsborne228d ago

Youre giving credit the the wrong person here, also its on PC where it will thrive longer....