EA Sports UFC 5 Goes M-Rated with Bloody Frostbite-Powered 60fps Action | Wccftech

EA Sports UFC 5 is trying out some new moves, with an M-rating, Frostbite-powered graphics, refined fight mechanics, and more.

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Snookies12321d ago

Man, I hope it still has the glitches though... Nothing beats two kicks colliding and watching both fighters get launched into the air doing cartwheels. I swear, UFC 1 & 2 had some glitches that nearly killed me from laughter.

Jackhass321d ago

Lol, yeah, I do recall some pretty amusing stuff with the early games.

DrDoomer320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

FEDOR!!! WTF?!! Now I might actually have to buy this.

Shane Kim320d ago

Only EA game I'm interested in.

anast320d ago

I'm not sure why they are showing Shevchenko. She dropped weight to avoid Nunes and even at a lower weight she had trouble getting K.O.s. Weili and Namajunes should have been featured in this trailer.

InUrFoxHole320d ago

Maybe because she has been a dominant force for so long? Or is willing to fight multiple classes.


I would've liked Grasso to get the cover, but Valentina will be one of the main coaches in career mode apparently. If their career mode impresses me, I'll happily pick this one up. EA finally seems to have captured the spirit of the Undisputed games.

InUrFoxHole320d ago

The trailer looked good I hope it's not just smoke and mirrors


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Available February 8 beginning at roughly 10 am PT, EA SPORTS UFC 5 will add three highly community-requested fighters to the playable roster and implement new gameplay enhancements.

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N4GTG189d ago

It's the closest thing to a Fight Night game right now. I pretty much only play stand and bang or KO mode.

badboyz09189d ago

WWE 2K24 teaser coming 1/22/24

WWE 2K is easily the best fighter on the market 10x better than UFC.

Ironmike188d ago

Since latest patch it's quite good iam enjoying and online is busy was to get a match