This AI-Powered Mod For GTA V Killed My PC, And It Wasn't Worth It

The Sentient Streets AI mod came, borked my ROG Ally, then was copyright-struck off the internet.

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PRIMORDUS91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

This is what they were looking for? SentientStreets1.0.3. I have it, but downloaded it out of spite and told Rockstar and Take-Two to fuck off on Twitter and also said what can you do if I make a torrent and share it? Nothing is your answer, your all big and bad but in reality just helpless shit bags when it comes to taking down torrents and even your games hosted on usenet. Guys I would never support Rockstar or anything that Take-Two publishes, they are so against the modding community, they do not deserve a dime. They need to be more open like ID Software and Bethesda, yes I know they were bought out.

Eidolon91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Ok, so if you're heavily into mods for Rockstar/Take-Two games, don't support Rockstar/Take-Two, got it, thanks.


Grand Theft Auto 6 vs Grand Theft Auto 5 Early Graphics Comparison

YouTube's 'Cycu1' has shared an early graphics comparison video between Grand Theft Auto 6 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

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isarai2d ago

Weren't people just saying there was a downgrade? 😂 Things always look better in your memory.

just_looken1d 16h ago

i can do this also fire up gta 5 pc graphics set to medium/low screw up the draw distance the amount of peds even add mods to make it look worse etc.

How about pc maxed out showing it is then doing one 2 one comparison.

1d 13h ago
outsider16241d 14h ago

Gotta show videogamer this video.

Lightning772d ago

One's a PS360 game the others a PS5X game. New vs old tech.

CrimsonWing691d 17h ago

Lol, I just came out of a different news story about how the graphics are "disappointing" and one of the comments was saying how it isn't a "huge leap" from GTA V... yea, here y'all go. Looks incredible and is a massive leap from GTA V.

Sometimes I wonder if people think before they open their mouths.

just_looken1d 15h ago

This is not gta 5 pc version maxed out more like the 360 version

1d 13h ago
Good-Smurf1d 13h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

More like PS4/Xbone version which is fairer for comparison, notice the first person view on-foot that view is not available on PS3/Xbox 360 version and also improved HDR lighting with more vibrant color palette.

just_looken1d 12h ago


Your right with that in mind it must be that version of the game thanks 4 the correction.

victorMaje1d 15h ago

VI looks great. But everyone looking at the graphics, I’m waiting for gameplay, then I’ll get hyped.

just_looken1d 15h ago

Yeah the combat on 5 is very far behind the curve with other open world games

Barlos1d 9h ago

Clearly there's been an upgrade in quality, but given that GTA 5 is 10 years old and spans 3 console generations it's hardly surprising really. But let's wait until the final product is out to see what it really looks like. I'm not 100% convinced that what we saw in the trailer is going to be how the final game looks.

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Mainline Grand Theft Auto trailers ranked from best to worst

As we have all been graced by the release of Grand Theft Auto 6's trailer, we're ranking the best and worst GTA trailers to date.

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purple1012d ago

We be getting these posts All week now lads. Someone noticed a number plate ... Someone noticed a billboard... I can see it now

Just go on YouTube and watch one of the many videos dissecting the whole 1minite 30secs worth.

This site supposed to be for news.

roadkillers2d ago

These updates on N4G are going to ruin whats rest of this site. Unfortunate since I was one of the first members.. The site shows unsecure when i login as well.


GTA 6’s biggest competition? GTA 5 with mods

GTA 6 looks like it's just over the horizon, and it looks like there's going to be only one game that can compete with it - GTA 5 with mods.

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Mr_cheese21d ago

It's really not.. before long GTA6 will be modded just as much, if not better with what ever tech they bring

Tal16921d ago

Yeah fair point, although GTA V mods really are stunning... very unlikely the base game will come close to some of the most powerful ones out there IMO

PapaBop21d ago

GTA 5 still holds up so well today especially with mods but I imagine many like myself are ready to see what GTA 6 can bring to the table.

GhostScholar21d ago

There’s not a franchise that I’ve grown tired of more than gta. I couldn’t care less about gta 6. Especially if it has multiple protagonists.

Magog21d ago

Nah. Most people don't play GTA on PC