Baldur's Gate 3 on PS5 is effectively the PC version at ultra settings

Digital Foundry : Baldur's Gate 3 is one of the most highly acclaimed games of the year, marrying the best of video games with the complexity and nuance of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It's unashamedly a PC-centric title, with a dense interface and controls best suited for a computer keyboard so it's not totally clear how well the game will fare on PS5. Adding to potential controller quirks, the PC build has rather problematic performance in a handful of areas later in the game, which threaten to disrupt the PS5 and its relatively meagre CPU.

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S2Killinit278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Digital Foundary is trying to mitigate the bad PR xbox got with this game by taking shots at PS5. I dont think they would have spoke about xbox in the same terms they are using for PS5. Even though they havent even been able to run the game on xbox yet. DF has become an xbox mouthpiece.

LightofDarkness278d ago

You know this console war crap only exists in the minds of fanboys, right? No one who works in the industry, outside of marketing creeps, gives a flying eff. Grow up.

S2Killinit278d ago

You think the “console war crap” is only in the minds of fanboys? I assure you its also in the minds of executives. Large sums of money is exchanged in PR and marketing. Your statement is objectively wrong and naive. Maybe think a little deeper and you wont tell people to grow up.

Tres21278d ago

Yea I think what he’s saying is a bit different. They get paid to say this and that and talk up or put down a system they’re like politicians moving along an agenda. Fanboys don’t they attack each other for spite and a lot of times due to the talking points and agenda they hear.

S2Killinit278d ago

Very true. But he was implying that I’m a fanboy for stating an observation about DF’s double standard and use of targeted words against PS5, and saying I need to “grow up.”

GamerRN278d ago

Leave Digital Foundry alone. They are definitely unbiased. They even prefer PlayStation in some aspects.

As for Xbox, BG3 is coming... So I expect it to perform equally or better.

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Levii_92279d ago

Until you get to Act 3 and the game starts dropping to 20fps. Hopefully Larian Studios will patch that area up on ps5 and on PC soon.

S2Killinit279d ago

Isn’t that universal across PC/PS5?

Levii_92279d ago

Yes pretty much, it’s bad on both in that particular CPU heavy area.

S2Killinit279d ago

Yeah I heard about that. I’m excited to try this game though. I’ve only heard good things. Besides the issue mentioned)

Levii_92279d ago

Oh definitely try it, you will lose yourself in this game it's so fantastic and intricate, take it from me a guy that doesn't play these types of games like XCOM or whatever so when i heard about the the hype and the critical acclaim surrounding this game i checked out the gameplay and seen that it's point and click turn based and i said ''oh no, it's THAT type of game, nope.. not for me'' but then one day i decided to try it out on a whim and immediately as i started to move my character i noticed that this game is kinda special and it only got better from there.
Also i made a very hot looking barbarian blonde girl character so that too helped a bit in the beginning.

dumahim278d ago

If the PS5 CPU is roughly equal to 12700k (that's what the first google result says anyway), my 9600k rarely gets into the 20s.

Cernunnos278d ago

I ran it locked to 120fps all the way through on my PC at least.

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Duke19279d ago

20 FPS isn't really playable, even for a game like this. Needs some optimization on the CPU side of things

shinoff2183279d ago

Tell xcom 2 that, and it's still one of last gens best games.

Duke19279d ago

Completely disagree. And giving 20 fps a pass because a game from 2016 also had framerate issues doesn't really help.

Number1TailzFan279d ago

They literally said it's a CPU limitation, an update might help a bit but only so much if it's so demanding on the CPU. Either play it as it is or play on PC is the only option at the moment.

Levii_92279d ago

Dude it’s the same thing on PC, i’ve seen posts of people with 4090 graphic cards complaining that it’s choppy as hell and the framerate drops hard.

anast279d ago

Why spend the extra $1000 to have the exact same problem?

dumahim278d ago

When it's that bad, you're really only ever walking through heavily populated town area. It isn't great, but it's tolerable.

Binarycode279d ago

Another shite engine, Not worse then starfields. But bad enough. There's nothing going on that should even affect the CPU that much. More likely legacy engines running old code on modern cpu's/gpu's.

Makes no sense.

shinoff2183279d ago

I really hope they reconsider the digital only. I'd like to buy this sooner then later

Miraak82 279d ago

I concur, anything over 50Gb I'd rather have a physical copy, When I have to delete an installed game with that much memory I usually never want to redownload it again especially when games reach over 100gb .