Todd Howard Is the Video Game World's Christopher Nolan

The Bethesda director is lost in space and pushing the boundaries of the medium. In a rare, in-depth interview, Howard opens up about 'Starfield,' the game he's waited for his entire life.

italiangamer257d ago

This guy is not even worthy of a Christopher Nolan's pinky toe.

Eonjay257d ago

Todd Howard is the Todd Howard of the Video Game World.
And nothing more.

VenomUK256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Todd Howard is the Peter Molyneux of the Video Game World.

With a sprinkling of the genius of Miyamoto, Kojima and Chris Roberts. And the fantasy storytelling genius of Tolkien and R.R. Martin, and the sci-fi storytelling genius of Asimov and C. Clark.

peppeaccardo256d ago

With the only difference that Nolan's movies are ALL a work of art and an exquisite attempt to do something new with this media .... on the other end Bethesda's games are _______ <----- LEFT EMPTY ON PURPOSE, but you get the idea !

notachance256d ago

People got all worked up purely because of the exclusivity, both the haters and lovers. I’ve seen comments of people who never played a single bethesda game before suddenly loved it like it’s their own child, or haters that got angry like it killed their parents.

If it’s multiplat you guys would’ve just go “oh it’s skyrim in space”

jambola256d ago

Really? The comments said those things? Or you just made it up in your head that they never played the games before?

RpgSama256d ago

On this "opinion" piece alone, please let's ban Esquire going forward.

Vengeance1138257d ago

"It just works" / shrug
- Todd Howard

Futureshark256d ago

Christopher Nolan would be dry-retching if he read that.