Starfield’s Most Popular Mod Sparks Paywall Controversy, Immediately Gets Pirated

A mod adding support for Nvidia's latest upscaling tech gets locked behind a $5 subscription

Christopher257d ago

I'm a bit confused on the reporting. There's his mod on NexusMods, which you only need an account to download and install. Then there's this person's Patreon where they post earlier releases and tons of game mods of a similar nature. Are you cracking something that is already free via NexusMods or something else?

Eonjay255d ago

Gaming has some of the poorest quality reporting ever. There is also a chance that the author knows this and, as in a lot of cases, still reports the sensationalized news.

raWfodog255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I believe that the one behind the paywall supports the latest DLSS3 tech. DLSS2 is the free one.

theindiearmy255d ago

The one on NexusMods is only DLSS2. The paid one on Patreon is DLSS3 and that's the one that's been cracked.

GoodGuy09254d ago

Modders are the true heroes and paying a small fee is a welcome imo. Companies should've had these features on day one and the game well optimized.


Insider claims Starfield could come to PS5 in 2025 after more Xbox games 'this holiday season'

Well regarded insider, NateTheHate, has said that more Xbox games could be coming to PS5 'this holiday season' followed by Starfield in 2025.

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ThinkThink4d ago

The latest rumor is flight simulator 2024 is heading to PS5 this year.

romulus233d ago

That would be a great game to go multiplat. I would definitely pick that one up on PS5.

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

That would be an absolutely fantastic score for PSVR2 if they have any VR support plans! MS Flight Simulator (2020) is one of my favorite VR experiences over on PC. Not so much a game, but one hell of a VR experience!

M3talDiamond3d ago

Where is this guy I havent seen him on N4G much lately?

OtterX3d ago

@M3talDiamond - I've been around, just not as much. Fam visiting, and been helping an indie team release a game, so that took a lot of focus. Thanks for noticing! haha

Skate-AK3d ago

I think they were talking about fr0sty's link.

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@Skate-AK ah ok, I was confused as heck, didn't even know if I should respond bc I legit just came off of an N4G hiatus. XD

So he just responded to the wrong person, gotcha. I hadn't even seen or clicked on Obscure's link til now!

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Ethereal2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'd be all over this.

Knightofelemia4d ago

Even if the rumor was true and if that did happen. I still wouldn't play or own a game that is classified as open world just to run into invisible force fields.

Rebel_Scum3d ago

Then what is your solution to open worlds that obviously have to have a point where they must end?

Knightofelemia3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Really? Do you even need an answer to your question? The point to open world games is not to run into invisible force fields but to explore ever nook and cranny of the game hence the term open world.

Barlos3d ago

Same here. I won't be buying any Microsoft Games game

Notellin3d ago

Wow you're such a tough and smart guy taking that stance! You're really changing the world Barlos.

helicoptergirl3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I hope you don't mean any and all Xbox games.

If you do mean all of their games, then why not buy a game you're interested in? MS are a 3 Trillion dollar company. People with your stance are not going to make a dent, so you might as well take advantage and enjoy playing on Playstation (the best place to play) with their games AND Xbox games. Who cares about giving them money? It's killing the hardcore Xbox fan that you even have the opportunity to play Xbox games on playstation. So why not indulge. The more games they sell on Playstation then the more games they will port over in the near future. Certain obscure people will die inside along with many others. I'm laughing all the way to the "Games Bank" and I hope you do too.

3d ago
DaCajun3d ago

Every open world games have invisible walls. So i guess you never play any open world games. If you don't believe me then you've either never played any Open World game or you never explored every corner of an open world game because there is no such thing as a true open world go anywhere game.

Gotta love a troll, just be honest you're a Microsoft hater. It's ok I dislike Microsoft also but at least be honest why you commented.

Neonridr3d ago

remind me of an open world game that went on forever.. I'll wait.

Rebel_Scum1d 14h ago

ok, so what is your solution then?

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isarai4d ago

If it came to ps+ ill try it, but im certainly not spending my money on it. I wanted this game to be awesome and it just seems so incomplete

Barlos3d ago

Exactly. It's fine to rent it on Xbox so why should they expect people to actually buy it on PlayStation? They don't deserve your money.

3d ago
Neonridr3d ago

kinda like No Man's Sky when it first released.. amazing how updates can change a game, huh? Zero reason why this game couldn't be more fleshed out with updates and add-ons.