I'm beginning to prefer Baldur's Gate 3 on PS5

Is the PS5 version of Baldur's Gate 3 any good? Yes. In some ways.

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ibrake4naps263d ago

Awesome to hear. Will pick it up tomorrow!

derek262d ago

Got it and I'm playing it. Great game fun to play in co-op

myfathersbastard263d ago

I’m playing it on PS5. Can’t compare it but it plays great. No complaints.

RhinoGamer88263d ago

All, I am a fairly newb with fantasy RPG games. I dropped Diablo 4 after 20 hours due to the grind/repetition. Can BG3 be played and understood by a novice?

franwex263d ago

Probably not by the sound of things. I think it’s a pretty hardcore game. Similar to souls games, but for the crpg genre. I’m looking forward to it myself.

Lorshna2022263d ago

Its easy to understand and pick up as its a self contained story. It also has difficulty levels to suit you so even that can be adjusted to fit your ability. I'm absolutely rubbish at strategy and I found it no problem on normal difficulty.

Daeloki263d ago

It's a fairly complex system, but it does do a pretty good job explaining how everything works. I honestly think it looks more comlicated than it really is. Takes a while to get used to, but once you do, it's infinitely better than Diablo 4 content wise (I played it too and dropped it too after some 20h xD).

Grilla263d ago

I played Diablo 3 for 2 years, hundreds of hours. Thought I’d love Diablo 4 then came to the conclusion the story sucks, the quests suck, the loot sucks and it’s super grindey.

I’m a newb in Bg3 but I’m liking it a lot. Playing it in easy mode. I’ll get good at some point.

Diablo and starfield are basically the same game you’ve played before with a new coat of paint on it. Bg3 is on a different level.

Daeloki263d ago

The great thing is you can just up the difficulty mid-game if it starts feeling too easy, and there's no penalty.
Also, in case you didn't know, since multiclass is locked out from easy, if you wanna multiclass: when you're about to do your level up selections change to normal, do your multiclass leveling, and then change back to easy.

PunksOnN4G262d ago

Same here i No lifed diablo 3 pc,ps3,ps4 Bought it 3 diff times and puts 100s of hours in each... Diablo 4 is soo slow but what kills me is WHY IS THE CAM SOO ZOOMED IN U CANT EVEN SEE HALF THE TIME WTF IS HITTING YOU OFF SCREEN ITS ANNOYING AND IM NOTGONAN PLAY THAT.

gpimlott263d ago

I usually hate turn-based games and I usually hate CRPGs, but this game made me change my mind entirely. So I really recommend trying it. Just start on easy mode and if you feel its too easy, change it up

anast263d ago

Play on explorer or balanced mode first and you should be alright.

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Gregerro263d ago

I'm 80 hours in on pc (a mxture of both single player and some multiplayer in a different "story"). I'm picking up the ps5 version to play with the wife in the living room with the big sound system. I fucking love this game. Never have a played an rpg with so many options. It's ridiculous. You can push people off cliffs!

Grave263d ago

Same boat here. Played 65 hours solo on Steam . Went to couch coop on PS5 with my wife. We are now 15hrs in on PS5 and couch coop makes this amazing game even better when you can share the adventure with a partner sitting next to you. Simply incredible, we are loving it together!

jznrpg263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Oh yeah I forgot about couch co-op maybe I can get my wife to play with me

anast263d ago

It runs great and looks great. I went with a Druid this time and I am having fun.

repsahj263d ago

I tried a wizard for my first character, maybe I'll try Druid next time. Is Ranger any good in this game?

anast263d ago

I'm not sure. I don't think I have ever tried a ranger in any RPG...maybe I will have to try on my next play through.

Goosejuice263d ago

I have not played ranger but I'm playing in a group and one is a ranger, she enjoys it quite a bit. U get a pet that lvls ith u and adds armor as it lvls up which is cool. So eventually u have an armored bear.

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Popsicle22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

Article makes a great point and I agree with it but is spoiler heavy. It should be marked. If you haven’t played through the game be warned as it even spoils parts of act 3.

Dirty_Lemons13h ago

Thanks for this dude, I am very interested in playing when I have time and am trying to avoid spoilers.


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