NBA 2K24 Soundtrack: All Songs and Artists

2K revealed the NBA 2K24 soundtrack earlier today, which includes 50+ songs from artists such as J. Cole, Quavo, Skrillex, Quevedo, and many more. Here’s the full soundtrack:

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85d ago

25 Days of NBA 2K Countdown Celebration Details (NBA 2K24)

2K Sports is celebrating “25 Years of NBA 2K” with an aptly “25 Days of 2K” countdown ’til Christmas.

GhostScholar8h ago

Remember when this was a really great franchise


NBA 2K is Being Sued Over Microtransactions

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of the NBA 2K franchise, is being sued over accusations of theft in a class-action dispute.

Zeke681d 3h ago

Best read this week. I hope they make all microtransactions illegal in the end. ( Wont happen but a man can dream right?!)

Abear2115h ago(Edited 15h ago)

I’ve played every 2K since Dreamcast with AI on the cover, the game is broken now and completely pay to win, it’s sad really. I ignore these modes (myteam and mycareer) as they are obviously pay to win and I feel for casuals you don’t want to grind and just spend the money. No other game is so obnoxious and obscure when it comes to buying virtual currency. You can buy $100 worth and wind up with just an average player and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can spend $100 or more and just waste it on a bad build of a player. Once you put the points on a player it’s gone. Just wrong 2k and they should have to change this.

Chocoburger11h ago

Wow that sounds atrocious. Why do people even support scummy companies like 2K anymore?


Black Friday NBA 2K24 deals 2023 - a hoop-shattering 57% off at Amazon

Rosa writes: "It's time to shoot some hoops with these Black Friday NBA 2K24 deals. Trust us, you don't want to miss out."

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