Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is as fresh of a game as it was 20 years ago

One of gaming’s most successful ‘isekai’ stories, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance puts you in the role of a kid transported to Ivalice and pulls no punches along the way.

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PunksOnN4G95d ago

I hope they remaster al lthese and ds version cuz people have NO IDEA how good the GBA version is...

edureboucas95d ago

That would definitely be an easy sell!

PunksOnN4G95d ago

i seen that a colletion was in a leak but they said its either all the tactic games redone for modern platforms or its a ARTbook lol I bet you its an artbook

phoenixwing94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It'll probably be an art book only because a collection makes too much sense for se

Also if they did a collection it would be massively overpriced by se and be split up in volumes to milk it


Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Meta Quest 2 Review - A Timeless Experience - The Koalition

Joshua Limage of The Koalition writes: It was Thanksgiving 2007 when my older brother handed me the first Assassin’s Creed as an early Christmas gift. I still remember putting the disc into my Xbox 360 and having that first experience of scaling buildings and fighting templars.

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anast4h ago

Nexus blows and even worse with Meta Quest


You can claim 5 free PS5 avatars on the PlayStation Store right now

The new PS Plus Season of Play promo event is finally starting and PS5 players can claim five free PSN avatars on the PlayStation Store now.

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purple1011d 5h ago

ok so the left side,,

1st image is with a fox, thats Ghost of Tsushima,
below you got assassins creed
below you got final fantasy

what are the 2 on the right?

Kurisu1d ago

I've been rocking the Cloud avatar since the day it got emailed to me - that Rebirth hype. I've been using afro/purple glasses avatar since PS3 so a change is nice lol

Snookies1214h ago

Rebirth is literally the reason I'm buying a PS5, lol. (Granted, I've wanted to for a while. I was going to buy it for FF XVI but got to borrow a PS5 to play that one.) I could wait the extra 3 months for Rebirth to hit PC and it would probably look better with my system. But, I know YouTube is going to spoil everything about it within a week of release.

It helps that I'm starting a much better paying job in the next week or so, that will be perfect for getting a PS5 within the next month!

Doomeduk7h ago

Still using the MAG avatars all the way from PS3

3h ago
ZeekQuattro1h ago

I'll stick with Anubis for my avatar.


LEGO Fortnite gives PS5 players a taste of this Xbox exclusive

After months of leaks, LEGO Fortnite is here to deliver a Valheim-like experience to those on PS5 who are missing out on Xbox's survival exclusive.

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MrNinosan1d 22h ago

I never played this "Xbox-exclusive" on a Xbox, but I did play it on PC a year ahead of the Xbox-release.