Valorant Pro Daveeys Passes Away at 23

Valorant Pro Daveeys passed away at the young age of 23. The esports community mourns the loss of the talented player from KRÜ Esports.

Jin_Sakai92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Nobody should go this young. R.I.P.

Vengeance113892d ago

N4G linking to an article from N4G? What is this N4Gception?

Elda92d ago

Unexpected death is the worst especially for the family & friends of this young man. May he R.I.P.

bangoskank91d ago

Gamers need to take better care of themselves. If someone is going to be prone for a very long time playing games every day they need to exercise regularly and try maintain a somewhat healthy diet.

Number1TailzFan91d ago

Indeed. I am going to start lifting weights a few times a week maybe for 15 mins at some point, I heard that alone is a good fat burner, and of course builds some muscle on the arms.. Win/win!

bangoskank90d ago

Lifting weights is good but try to incorporate some cardio in there. Best thing to do is to start kettlebell training. Start with some beginner routines then work your way up from there. Trust me you will feel so much better.


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