What are the biggest problems with Starfield? Top 5 issues

Have you been considering downloading Starfield? Maybe you should check out the top 5 problems with Starfield before!

Flawlessmic318d ago

They went with typical gripes of people that probably haven't even played the game lol not that it's all untrue but not really talking about some of the actual issues in the game.

If I had to list 5 if my gripes:

1. inventory management
2. No maps for the major cities which is just ridiculous honestly, incredibly annoying trying to find a specific place in the cities.
3. Inconsistent graphics, interiors look great and the lighting also but outside is hit and miss at times, whoever designed the trees and plants for new atlantis should be fired, that shit looks like ps3/360, some nps are incredibly ugly
4. Amount of time spent in menu's
5. Actual space exploration is pretty redundant for the most part.

Even with all that said though, still absolutely loving it and basically counting down hrs at work until I can play it again.

Was on my way to a planet and had to make a stop off in a random system cause my grav drive couldn't make it in one jump, random space station was infront of me so decided to give it a quick look, nek Minnit a zero g battle with space pirates !!

Hoping there's more zero g battles like that, loved how my shotgun would force me backwards, that was a nice touch

Christopher318d ago

I'm level 29 and my biggest gripe is how long it takes to level up some skills. Stealth attacks take forever, let alone melee stealth ones, because remaining stealthy is extremely hard after the first kill and because enemies are typically bundled up and alerted immediately after the first kill. Conversations with various options are uncommon as to almost be rare. Leveling up research feels like you have to devote a whole game to just that while I'm looting great with multiple mods on them let soon unique modifiers.

Flawlessmic318d ago

Ohhh sounds like you have gone for a very different playstyle to me.

Stealth in this game does not seem like a viable option at all, game would be painful trying to play that way.

Agreed dialogue very rarely gives you the persuasion option, or anything other options for that matter especially coming off the back of bg3, where it felt like I was making big decisions every couple of minutes but bg3 is next level and a 1 of 1 game so won't hold it against starfield.

Research I haven't bothered with tbh, I am annoyed iv had to waste 2 skill point so I can carry more and will likely upgrade it all the way when I could be using itself to make my playstyle more fun.

SyntheticForm316d ago

Inventory management is a pain in the ass, and I'm so tired of the carry limit that I'm ready to slap on a mod and call it a day. Sure, I could do a better job at storing and managing weight and I could also abstain from picking up stuff, but then I'd be fatigued by going back and forth to stores to sell it off.

The lack of local maps is an infuriating design decision and the drudgery of fast travel and going from planet to planet really have me sighing.

That being said, this game has a crack-like pull that I haven't experienced in gaming for years and I absolutely enjoy the hell out of it.

Fonsecap316d ago

The game only officially launched yesterday and I think that is a great foundation for what might will come as in form of mods or expansions, especially the empty planets that everyone is talking about, modders and Bethesda itself will be able to create new places and stories to explore, this game is not yet great but it will be


Starfield DLC needs to be as awe-inspiring as Shadow of the Erdtree to win players back

Shadow of the Erdtree saw a 1000% player count surge at its launch. Will Starfield’s Shattered Space be able to do the same?

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Brazz7d ago

Spoiler... It Will not. Bethesda is outdated.

anast7d ago

If it gets rid of the loading screens and adds space exploration, it will.

phoenixwing7d ago

loading screens and zones are hardboiled into the game, they would have to remake it to change it. which if they had just made a new engine or used someone else's they wouldn't be in this mess

purple1017d ago

only PSpro release will get rid of there loading, at at minimum, half the time it takes.

lucian2297d ago

nah cuz game has multiple things that have to happen before transition to outer space; issue is it isnt seamless

BoneMagnus7d ago

I played Starfield this past weekend. I enjoyed it and overall was about 30 hours in, but as soon as I got the e-mail about the GamePass price increase, I cancelled my account and deleted Starfield, Halo, Forza and others off my Series X.

If I want to play those games, I’ll just buy them outright - and truth is, I’m pretty sure I won’t. They aren’t worth it to me.

Ninver7d ago

Brutal truth. Thanks gor being honest.

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Mods Shouldn't Be Required To Make Bethesda Games Playable

Hannan from eXputer inquires: "Bethesda games' fans will likely be familiar with using mods to make its titles playable, but why do players do what Bethesda should?"

Obscure_Observer8d ago

"Bethesda games' fans will likely be familiar with using mods to make its titles playable, but why do players do what Bethesda should?"

Because players won´t have to do the heavy lifting job, which is: create, planning, test, and pay 5 hundred developers out their pockets.

Because it´s easier to create mods that breaks a game when you won´t face the consequences of your failure, you don´t have to endure pressure of any kind by higher ups or have to put yourself at risk of losing your job. That´s why.

H98d ago

Players are players, not creators and they shouldn't be required or preferred for them to do any type of creating

GamerRN8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

What about low level creators who enjoy doing it?

Also I'm pretty sure it's not required.