Meta Quest 3 512GB EU Pricing & Accessories Leaked

The Meta Quest 3 512GB EU pricing and accessories have been leaked by an online store, ahead of Meta Connect in September.

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MrNinosan86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

"Officially, Meta has only announced that the Meta Quest 3 128GB will retail for $499 USD/£499 GBP/€499 EUR.

512GB model listed for €699. If this pricing is correct, then we’d expect $599 and maybe £599 for the US and UK. "

I don't know why this site would expect $100 and £100 less then the Euro thou.

fr0sty86d ago

People called PSVR2 overpriced, yet this launches even more expensive and lacks many features in PSVR2.

No OLED (so no perfect black/infinite contrast)
No eye tracking
No foveated rendering
No haptic feedback
No 3D audio

Babadook786d ago (Edited 86d ago )

The lack of eye tracking is a big one. That helps so much and meta even sort of had it with the quest pro.

purple10185d ago

No ps5 needed.

Saying that ps5 + psvr2 for £1000

would compete with a £1500 setup on pc.

So still epic value

specialguest86d ago

I have the Quest 2. Not planning to upgrade for a while until VR tech makes huge improvements, or there's some amazing must have game. When I look up best VR games, it's just a list of older games. The state of VR games are so uninspired and kinda suck

Babadook786d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I disagree completely. VR in general feels like playing next gen today. Although that’s what I feel like after playing on psvr2 for several months.

phoenixwing86d ago

psvr2 is the way to go and will be till the others pick up on eye tracking and foveated rendering

1nsomniac85d ago

Considering getting rid of my PSVR2 for one of these. Basic 3D movie support and I can tether to my pc for gaming so I can eventually play HL Alyx.

As Firewall turned out to be complete garbage. My PSVR2 has been sat untouched for months now along with the money I had sat in my online wallet waiting for Firewall to drop.


Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable Delayed Yet Again

Japanese studio UNIVRS has confirmed that Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable has been delayed yet again. Now scheduled for late 2024.

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1Victor20h ago

As long as they do a good job on it let them take their time.
I don’t want a rushed game full of bugs or looking like last generation VR


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Tokyo Chronos studio My Dearest Inc. acquires the global publishing rights to mech roguelike Mecha Force on Meta quest.

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