Rumor: Alien Hominid HD on XBLA next week

Earlier this week somebody over at flipped the wrong switch and activated what looked to be the next set of games for Xbox Live Arcade. Although they quickly course corrected and pulled the page, the URL for Alien Hominid HD is still active.

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RedSoakedSponge4896d ago

Where does it say its out next week? it doesnt at all *cries* lol.


marionz4896d ago

man why dont they have propper release dates for arcade games! i remember the rumour castlevania was set for feb 10th release and it never happened, i want to know when games come out cos im not wasting money on MS ponts till i know when the games i want are coming

gogators4896d ago

MS needs to be doing a better jod with their xbla. I am tried of these retro games being the only release for the week. We need some one to pick up the pace at xbla.