Cities: Skylines 2 Introduces Sounds and Music With New Trailer

Today Colossal Order and Paradox Entertainment released another trailer of the upcoming city builder Cities: Skylines II, focusing on music and sounds.

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Cities: Skylines 2 Is Another "Release Now, Fix Later" And I'm Tired Of It

If the console port was delayed due to performance concerns and the devs admit the PC one is not done either, why release it then?

DarkZane24d ago

I asked for a refund saying the performance wasn't as expected and it took them like 30 minutes to grant it and it was late at night.

Lionsguard24d ago

I just don't understand... Do they ever play test? I just don't understand how games can ship in the state they are in...

amazinglover24d ago

Money, developing games is costly and unless they have a game that prints money and keeps the lights on some studios have no choice but to deliver half baked games.

I can guarantee to you if it was up to the actual developers they wouldn't release the games until they where ready.

theindiearmy24d ago

I'm not defending developers releasing unfinished games, but if your answer is "they should have delayed it", then just "delay" it yourself and wait to play it. No one is being forced to play these games right when they launch. In fact, by doing so you're only supporting that it was released unfinished. Where if you'd wait to play it, the message would be sent to developers that you're not willing to pay for a game until you feel it's complete enough.

Inverno23d ago

Look at Ark 2. People's lack of common sense really gets to me sometimes, it disturbs me. It's done on PURPOSE, they know they can get away with charging full price for an incomplete game cause they did it a first time.


How to Start a City in Cities Skylines 2? Beginners Guide and Tips

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Cities: Skylines 2’s Modular Buildings Pale in Comparison to the Original’s Version

Even though Cities: Skylines 2's new modular buildings are a nice change, they feel lacking compared to the city services of the original game.

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